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OMG OMG. The EVA Air Hello Kitty Airplanes are Back!

October 28, 2011 at 10:26 AM | by | ()

If you've ever considered a getaway to Taiwan, now is the time because on this upcoming Monday, Taiwanese airline EVA Air will launch three—count 'em—three Airbus A330s each painted with a unique Hello Kitty design.

This will be the second time EVA makes a splash with the Sanrio character as they previously had two planes bearing the cartoon kitty-cat, but retired that livery back in 2009. See a picture of the old design here. This year, however, the airline has added a third plane and freshened up the entire look, which includes everything from the flight attendant aprons to the sugar packets onboard, all Hello Kitty-themed.

The reason for the return of the formerly popular planes is simple; EVA Air is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, plus trying to revive interest in travel to Japan. The Hello Kitty-fied jets will fly from Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport to Tokyo, Fukuoka and Hokkaido in Japan, plus Seoul, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Plane spotters, little girls and Hello Kitty fans are going to freak out over this no doubt, and luckily the planes hit the sky on October 31. If you're in Taiwan and anxious to hop onboard and sip your coffee from a Hello Kitty cup, served by a flight attendant wearing a gold Hello Kitty wings brooch, who earlier fluffed up your Hello Kitty pillow, then there's entire vacation packages you can book that include the flights.

We particularly like the 15,900 TWD ($530) 3-day, 2-night deal to Fukuoka's Harmony Land (flights, hotel, breakfasts and tickets to the park). Harmony Land, for the Hello Kitty uninitiated, is an amusement park of the Sanrio characters; it's Hello Kitty Disneyland! And sure, it's not cheap, but OMG you'll be flying there and back on a Hello Kitty airplane!

For those who enjoy planning their travel ahead of time, we'd recommend taking a trip from Taiwan to Japan in the spring, during prime cherry blossom blooming season. That way, there'll barely be a second when you won't be surrounded by cute, pink things.

[Images: EVA Air]

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Though the Hello Kitty

Though the Hello Kitty is just a gimmick to coax people into taking EVA flights, it should work pretty well, seeing how many fans of Hello Kitty there are. Still, if you had any children who are obsessed with it, you could make them really happy by flying on the Hello Kitty themed Airplane.