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This Week in TSA Slip-ups: Sex Toys and Loaded Guns

October 25, 2011 at 2:54 PM | by | ()

Oh TSA. It seems like just yesterday when we were talking about how we don't like to pile on the organization, partly because we say that a lot but mostly because it really was just yesterday. But this week is turning into a rough one for the agency in charge of protecting the nation's airport security, and we'd be remiss as travel bloggers if we didn't cover the latest news.

Plus we let a whole month go by before posting this morning's Halloween sex travel story, and we'd like to make that up to you by posting a second one.

But before getting to that part, first note what the TSA hasn't been catching in checked baggage: loaded guns. Specifically, a loaded gun that slipped through security at LAX last Sunday. The only reason anyone even knows about the incident is because the gun simply fell out of a duffel bag as it was being unloaded at its destination. Not to worry though—TSA wants you to know that it's only their responsibility to check for loaded guns in carry-on luggage, not in checked bags. Great news.

It's nonetheless interesting that TSA would bring up their searches of checked luggage. While some of their agents were very pointedly not catching loaded guns, other agents—specifically those in Newark—were leaving notes about sex toys in women's luggage. Jill Filipovic of Feministe was traveling to Dublin and had packed her silver bullet vibrator. When she opened her luggage on the other side of the ocean she found an inspection slip and a note saying "GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL."

Now we're not handwriting specialists so we can't tell whether the writing was from a man or a woman. If it was a guy, it's pervy in the creepiest way imaginable. If it was a girl, it was probably—probably—meant as a failed kind of sassy joke. In either case it was wildly unprofessional, which is a problem inasmuch all TSA has is the promise of dispassionate, impersonal professionalism. Otherwise they're just a bunch of amateurs feeling up passengers and smirking at their sex toys.

[Photo: Filipovic / Feministe]

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More sexual harassment at the hands of TSA

The unexpected truth of your last sentence: they're just a bunch of amateurs feeling people up, taking naked pictures of kids, and perving out over womens' sex toys. By the way: real security has nothing to do with any of this sexually humiliating garbage. Real security is where you find the bad guys instead of taking the good girls' clothes off with your machine. But these perverts like the second option better.