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Mexico's Tourism Brainstorm: One Part 'Cash-Cab,' One Part Reality Show

Where: Mexico
October 25, 2011 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

If you don’t have a standing date with Brian Williams each evening then you might have missed that there’s some bad stuff going down south of the border. In a nutshell, there are some pockets of pretty violent drug-related crimes, and this alone is keeping away would-be tourists from checking out typical hot spots like Acapulco, Cancun, and beyond. Mexico is trying to clean up its image—at least with the tourists—and they’re doing so by throwing a lot of pesos at the problem.

In total the tourism board is looking to shell out around $30 million to create commercials and other advertisements to encourage plenty of travel—especially from Americans—to the fun in the sun that’s only a quick flight away. Some of the commercials are still a couple weeks away, but we do have an idea of what they’ll be all about. Of course they aren’t just going to show stunning beaches and crystal clear water, and that’s because it’s way better to create a mini reality show!

American visitors to Mexico will be offered rides home thanks to taxis that are totally tricked out with hidden cameras and microphones, as the idea is for actual tourists to chat about what a freaking fabulous time they had in Mexico. Of course the undercover driver will do a little prompting, so there will certainly be some questions about safety and comfort during the vacation as well. Obviously everyone will need to consent to have their opinions and feedback shared with the masses, so we’re thinking that the people who had an awful time probably won’t be well represented.

For now we can just sit back and wait until MexicoTaxiProject.com hits the interwebs to reveal Americans selling Mexico to Americans, but in the interim we’ll just assume Mexico is totally safe and totally awesome—‘cause it is.

[Not a photo of the undercover taxis: stevecadman]

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