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Uh Oh. Volcano Ash is Back and It's Upsetting Parts of South America

October 17, 2011 at 8:51 AM | by | ()

Here we go again, as it looks like there’s some volcanoes getting ready to wreck travel plans all over the globe. Something is already brewing again in Iceland—more on that tomorrow—but the latest stuff flying out of the earth is coming from south of the equator.

Chile's Puyehue volcano already caused trouble earlier this year, but its ash is now on the loose again and is messing up flights. Jorge Newbery Airport in Buenos Aires suspended pretty much all its flights on Sunday, as there was just too much darn particulate in the air to safely operate some jets.

Plenty of domestic flights were screwed up, but there were still some international routes available out of the city’s other airport.

The skiing resort of Bariloche in Argentina also got the short end of the stick, as the snow is not looking too good now thanks to a fresh blanket of dirty volcano junk covering the usually white and fluffy slopes.

Right now things are looking to be pretty localized, so the threat of a global travel lock-down is unlikely at the moment. However, you never know which way the winds are going to blow, so keep your eyes on this ash if you’re headed anywhere near—or over—much of South America.

[Photo of an ash problem from earlier in the year: NASA Goddard Photo and Video]

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