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JetBlue's Very Special Wednesday Departure from Kazakhstan

Where: Kazakhstan
October 17, 2011 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

The folks over at the JetBlue Blog already stole our plans for a Borat reference, but the airline does have some exciting stuff departing from Kazakhstan this week. If you remember back a few months, it’s actually all part of JetBlue’s $30 million investment to load some in-flight WiFi onboard their entire fleet.

This week the ViaSat-1 satellite is scheduled for blastoff, and if everything goes as planned it’ll be JetBlue's first step towards getting some of the most advanced onboard connectivity to their planes. If the weather remains as expected, the plan is to launch the ViaSat-1 satellite this Wednesday around 2:45pm—east coast time. All the fun will take place from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan—you know—just in case you're, like, in the neighborhood.

It doesn’t sound like there’s been an updated timeline regarding when the satellite will be doing its thing with that speedy Ka-band satellite technology. So for now we’ll just stay optimistic that the magic of in-flight WiFi will be up and running aboard the JetBlue fleet at some point during 2012.

There's just one problem: we don't know if we’ll be surfing the web, catching up on email, or just sticking with the live in-flight television in 2012. At least that’s a good in-flight entertainment problem to have.

[Photo of the satellite getting ready: JetBlue Blog]

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