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Plenty of Chocolate Returns to Chicago's Field Museum for a Fall Run

October 10, 2011 at 8:50 PM | by | Comments (0)

Chocolate is returning to where it all began, and we’re not talking about Hershey, Pennsylvania. The museum exhibit “Chocolate: Around the World” is returning to Chicago—that’s where it started—just in time for the holidays. It’s been at like 22 other spots around the country and its even heading overseas next year, so now you’re chance to discover what’s really behind that chocolate chip or truffle.

The tasty fun is back at the Field Museum, and it’ll be there until January 8. Different passes get you different access to the museum, but if you pony up one the Discovery or All-Access passes you should be able to check things out between like $20 and $30 per adult. This will also get you into most everything else the museum offers just in case you can't handle any more sugar.

You’ll learn all about cacao beans to chocolate bars and everything in between, and there’s even stuff to learn that you don’t want to know—like that we each eat around 12 pounds of the sweet stuff each year. Some of the new stuff that’s been added to the exhibit since its first run includes some ceramic vessels where researchers found a little bit of chocolate residue from centuries past, so you can learn to be a certified chocolate historian.

Technically there’s no free samples, but there are plenty of chances to score a few souvenirs at the museum gift shop. There’s also several pasty chefs and other chocolate professionals making appearances here and there to show off everything from candy making to chocolate art. We’re already cutting back on the calories in preparation for our attendance at this exhibit, and we’re sure we are hardly the only ones.

[Photo: peter pearson]

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