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Live From The LegoLand Florida Opening

Where: 1 Legoland Way [map], Winter Haven, FL, United States, 33884
October 14, 2011 at 10:40 AM | by | ()

Theme park openings are awesome, and today we plan to bring you all the latest and greatest as the fine folks of Legoland take the cellophane off their latest park in Winter Haven Florida and let us take a look around today.

It is media day, and Legoland Florida was kind enough to invite us and let us have a look around a day before the park opens to the public.

Miniland, Aqua Wave Racers, and maybe even some Lego Battles await -- so sit back relax and get ready to be awash in the inimitable Lego color palette -- live blog style.

Jaunted Live Coverage

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Welcome to Legoland FLA. Already spotted plastic people everywhere.
Going in, past the Lego joker. Looks like they invited a bunch of local schools. Cool field trip.
Lego hybrids charging up.
Strollers are the first non Lego items we have spotted
Have been informed by our 7 year old guide that the Dragon is first...on our way.
Darth photo pit stop
Double clown headstand
Enter the Lego dragon.
In line for Dragon...so many kids here...wonder how many schools they bused in.
One word review of the dragon from 9 million kids "awesome!"
Shrek looms outside the dragon.
Eating a chicken salad will cost you $7.49 at the Castle
Beetle bounce wins the award for ride with the most screaming, thus far
Miniland pirates
EssEff Lego style
The sea lions even bark
Lego even updated Virgin Megastore to forever "12" in Times Square
@vegaschatter looks like Wynn didn't make the Lego cut here at miniland.
Time to rise the coastersaurus
ATT 3G actually works great here at Legoland FLA
Coastersaurus line time 20 minutes ride time 1 min 35 seconds, but a fun minute...
Waiting in this Safari trek line
Safari ride first ride not worth the wait. 30 min wait for 1 min loop around. If line is short go for it, if not might wanna skip it.
RT @vegaschatter: @JauntedLive We see a lot of plastic people here, too!
Kids can get their Lego drivers license at the driving school.
Currently no line at the flying school coaster!
In line at the driving school. Then heading to lunch. Ending live coverage now. Ask any questions below in comments & we will answer Monday.
Signing off, from Lego driving school.

Archived Comments:


I want a LEGO hybrid car!!! Is it only for kids to drive around, like a go-kart or one of those old battery-powered jeeps everyone had in the 1990s? If that's the case, I would wear ankle & shin protectors while walking around.


i used to work in the bertelsmann building in times square so that is kinda freaky.

as for vegas, i bet they didn't put in the Wynn because it wasn't gimmicky enough. Did you see any Sirens at TI though?

and yes, agree with @Jetsetcd, having kids drive around the park in those cars, however hybridy they may be, is a baaad idea.

@Juliana @JetSetCD

TI for sure, tons of it. The kids can only drive in the two driving parks, guessing they were just "fueling up" the cars where I saw them coming into the park.