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Korean Air's A380 Will Be the Most Spacious Big Bird in the Skies

January 6, 2011 at 11:31 AM | by | ()

We knew that Korean Air’s first A380 was getting its final touches, and it now looks like the airline has been chatting with Airbus about exactly where they want all the seats to be installed. Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll even pay for massaging seats as long as they’re still working on figuring out all the different options and features.

While many airlines using the new super jumbos are busy jamming as many seats into the plane as possible, it looks like Korean Air is going to take a different approach. They’re planning to devote all the upstairs real estate on the double-decker plane to business class—or Prestige Class as they call it. Here, big spenders will enjoy fully lie-flat seats as well as a roomy 74 increase of seat pitch. There will even be some sort of partition thing between the seats so you don’t have to watch your neighbor’s choice of in-flight movie.

Downstairs will have room for about 300 economy class seats—that’s where you’ll find us—along with 12 true first class units. The pitch for the cheap seats isn’t too shabby either as passengers can expect about three feet of space between the rows of seats, so grabbing an in-flight nap might not be too terrible. Korean Air seems to be all about making their version of the A380 one of the most spacious in the sky, and that’s something we can’t complain about.

The first routes will likely head back and forth from North America and are scheduled to start up later this year with all of the A380s delivered by 2014, so get ready to stretch out.

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