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Get A First Person Look at Last Week's Delta Emergency Landing

January 3, 2011 at 9:12 AM | by | ()

Some Delta passengers had something to be thankful for this holiday season as 2010 ended, as their flight had to make an emergency landing in Colorado Springs last Thursday. Obviously any landing that isn’t on the scheduled runway at the scheduled time is an emergency one, but this detour was pretty calm and orderly.

Pilots noticed a light indicating that one of their engines was probably not working like it was supposed to, so they made the decision to land in Colorado instead of Arizona. However, once safely on the ground the overheated brakes created a fire danger, so the call was made for all passengers to Steven Slater their way out of the plane and onto the runway.

We don’t exactly want this to happen to us—like ever—but we have to admit it’s pretty cool that these passengers got to use the emergency slides in a somewhat controlled setting. Thanks to one passenger, we even get a first person point-of-view video of all the action. The flight attendants did a great job getting everyone out quickly and away from the plane, but it’s unfortunate they had to continually remind passengers to leave their stuff behind—people, no need to take your carry-on down the slide!

There were a couple minor injuries, but that was pretty much it. Some went to the hospital just to get checked out—we’d probably have chest pain ourselves after something like this. Other than that, it was business as usual and all the passengers were rebooked on some other flights. We’re glad everyone was pretty much okay, and that someone decided to tape it for our viewing pleasure.

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Archived Comments:

Doesn't carry-on mean carry-off?

It doesn't surprise me that people wanted to take their things down the slides. It is well documented that even in significantly more urgent situations (e.g. the cabin interior is filled with smoke/fire) people want to take their things with them. Stupid, yes, but that's human nature for you.

For example, check out some videos from the China Airlines fire several years ago: many people are seen leaving with bags (one can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qyZFASOAe0). Fortunately everyone did make it off this plane safely.

the crew

good job crew at being calm and keeping everyone calm!