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A Heartwarming Viral Video: Spanair Surprises Its Christmas Eve Passengers with Gifts

January 3, 2011 at 2:36 PM | by | ()

What airline gets the award for having the biggest hearts this last holiday season? Spain's Spanair for sure, since they pulled off a heartwarming stunt for a planeful of their passengers and also managed to create a lovely, viral-worthy video to accompany it.

You see, there was a Spanair flight flying from Madrid to Las Palmas overnight on Christmas Eve, and the airline thought they'd be cute and gift each and every of the plane's 190 passengers with their own Christmas present at baggage claim, complete with their names written right on the gift-wrapped boxes. Watch the video this way...

The video depicts the chain of events—the passengers snoozing in the skies while Spanair staff prepares all 190 boxes and sends them off to the airport to meet the plane. When the passengers stood at the conveyor belt at baggage claim, half-asleep and more than ready to get out of the airport and into a bed, out came a string of colorful items addressed to them. Gone is the late-night crankiness and, in its place, smiles and hugs.

The super-cute baby had us at hello in the first few moments of the video, and now we're kinda in love with the idea of airlines actually giving us gifts on holidays, when we chose to fly instead of be with family. And—ah ha—that's just the point of this video. We (and probably you too) will now remember Spanair as the one that cares enough to give Christmas gifts.

[Photos & Video: Spanair]

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