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Riding the Rails with Amtrak's Incredible Singing Buffet Man

January 20, 2011 at 9:48 AM | by | ()

Yesterday we told you about the mistakes we made in taking the train from LA to San Diego. Today, itís time for something a little lighter. Specifically, the guy in the buffet car who made all our days happier.

We were pulling out of LA all stressed and hassled from our Union Station experience when first the conductor came on the intercom to tell us about the journey ahead, and then handed over to the buffet rep to tell us what was going on in food land.

Nobody seemed to be taking any notice (even though he seemed very happy), because we guess few people on that route are going to be up for hot dogs or M&Ms, but then the whole carriage pricked up its ears when he launched into song about the joys of riding the rails. Hereís where we caught the tail end on camera:

Afterwards, we went down to find him even more delightful in person than we expected. Unfortunately during our time in San Diego we lost the notepad we wrote down his details on, so we canít tell you his name. We can, however, tell you that he is on the LA-SD route most days and says he sings to the passengers every day. Not just one song, either, he has a little repertoire.

See, Southwest FAs? Amtrak can take you any time. Keep your eyes and ears open for the singing buffet car man on Amtrak routes from San Diego. And tell him we say hi...and thanks for the free entertainment.

[Photos & video: Jaunted]

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