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And Airbus' 10,000 Airplane Order Goes to...Virgin America

January 17, 2011 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

One of our favorite games to play here at Jaunted is guess the next Virgin America destination. Just don't say Chicago because that's always just around the corner...

Anyway, Virgin America's route map is about to get all sorts of scribbled on with new flights in the next 5-8 years as the airline has just placed the necessary airplane orders to increase their fleet from 34 planes to 111. That's a whole lot of in-flight WiFi, mood lighting and airplane-sized bottles of absinthe. Virgin even scored the historical 10,000 order from Airbus, flying in a ski-injuried Richard Branson for the occasion.

All of this is of course great news for the airline, but excellent news for anyone who's been wanting to fly Virgin America as they've launched a celebratory fare sale with flights from January 31 to May 11 for as low as $60. You've got two days to book your flights—DO IT HERE—as the sale ends on Wednesday, January 19.

A little extra bonus for Virgin America with their Airbus milestone is that 30 of the new A320 aircraft on order will be of the A320Neo sort. They won't hit the runways until 2016, but when they do, they'll have "15 percent gains in fuel efficiency, along with the accompanying improvements in carbon efficiency – including double digit reductions in NOx emissions...reduced engine noise, lower operating costs and up to 500 nautical miles more range." And you know what an airline can do with planes that fly 500 more nautical miles, right? Fly further. Thus—and yes, we know it's still along time away—we're hoping for some very interesting new routes from VX five years from now. They just can't build airplanes fast enough anymore...

And now for a press photo of the head honchos doing a hand pile cheer in front of a Virgin America A320

[VA plane image: Virgin America; Photoshop: Jaunted; VX photo: H. Gousse/Airbus]

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