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Minneapolis is the Gayest City in the United States

January 17, 2011 at 5:51 PM | by | ()

We've recently been introduced to the gayest country to travel to, which, oddly, is Nepal, but what about the gayest US city? We use the superlative as it relates to the most gay-friendly city, as judged by The Advocate magazine using the most highly scientific criteria:

For each city, The Advocate added up numbers for Gay.com profiles, listed officiants for gay weddings within a 50-mile radius, openly gay elected officials, performances by lesbian sisters musical duo Tegan and Sara over the past five years, lesbian bars, gay and gay-friendly religious congregations and entries in YellowPages.com with "gay" in the business name or description.

And the winner of Gayest City to Visit in the USA is...Minneapolis, Minnesota! Congratulations, MN—you beat out other apparent shoe-ins, like New York City, Portland, Provincetown, and San Francisco. Time to put up some celebratory street signs!

[Photo: jimmywayne]

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Fail, that picture is from Minneapolis, Kansas.


Perhaps someone just rifled through the clip art and grabbed the first image they found. At least I learned something (Never knew there was a Minneapolis, KS!).


It's from Flickr, but it's just a "Minneapolis" sign, so at least it's not like I mixed up city skylines.

Happy Pride.

Saw this article pop up again on the Jaunted front page during pride 2012.

Just for the record: Minneapolis, MN was established in 1867 (not 1871). Also, it is the City of Lakes and not the home of George W. Carver.