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Rank and Rant About Your Last Flight on New TripAdvisor Airline Ratings

January 13, 2011 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

We've long been a fan of Tripadvisor and their hardcore guest-written hotel reviews, but our love for them no ratchets up another notch as the site has finally added airline ratings to their features. Now, you can vote star level (from 1-5 stars) on the carrier as a whole as well as details like seat comfort and punctuality, while also explaining how you really feel about American or Sri Lankan Airlines or even Germanwings, for all future possible travelers on that airline to reference.

While that is a dangerous power Tripadvisor holds—becoming a public venue for griping about every little thing—it's a hazard that is understood by those who really allow their trips to be influenced by Tripadvisor ratings. As of now, only two airlines (Avianca & Air Almaty) are chilling with one star thanks to negative reviews, but as soon as more travelers weigh in, it should average out a bit better.

In order to see the airline ratings and first-person reviews, simply search any flight on Tripadvisor and hover your cursor over the names of airlines in the results. It'll display not only their ranking, but also a link to view all airline rankings. From there, a little box pops up with a selected list of airlines. At the bottom of that even, click to display all ratings from A-Z and then you'll see the complete collection.

Currently leading the pack with 5-star reviews we have Air Tahiti Nui, Asiana, Blue Islands, CSA (really?), Dragonair, Egyptair, Germanwings, Jet Airways, Korean Air, Open Skies, Silkair, Skybus (whoa, they haven't existed in a couple years), V Australia, WestJet and Winair. Yeah....maybe give it some time to even out with more reviews before putting all your trust in this.

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