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Rebook Your Cancelled Atlanta Flights with Twitter or Delta's Updated iPhone App

January 10, 2011 at 11:02 AM | by | ()

Winter weather strikes again! At least this time, it's not New York or Boston that are suffering flight cancellations up the wazoo; it's Atlanta...and a couple other southern US cities. Last night, several inches of snow and a ton of sleet rained down on the area, leaving roads (and airport runways) treacherous for the time being. The crappy weather continues today, and as a result, both Delta and AirTran have cancelled all flights from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport today.

Expect most other airlines' ATL flights to be cancelled or severely delayed as well; Delta and AirTran are important though because they use ATL as a hub and thus have more passengers sleeping on the floor or in airport motels tonight in the hopes that the weather will calm, the runways will be plowed and salted, and their flights will fly tomorrow.

If you are affected by the 1,500+ flight cancellations, then remember that rebooking over the phone may be the hardest way. Here's your other options on Delta:

· Rebooking via Twitter: Delta is one of the most advanced airlines when it comes to social media, and they've actually embraced rebooking over Twitter and iPhone app. On Twitter, they manage and respond to passenger issues via their @DeltaAssist account. Be sure to check out our Twitter rebooking tips before contacting them, to assure speedy response time.

· Rebooking via iPhone app: Another, even newer, way to rebook on Delta is via their updated iPhone app. If you already have it, make sure to update to the newest version (released in the last couple days) and enter your SkyMiles info to track your flight status, choose a new itinerary, and check on rebooking status. If you don't have the app yet, simply go to iTunes to download it for free, and go through the steps above once it's in your phone.

Regardless, those trying to get into or out of ATL over the next couple days have a wait. If you're short on cash and stuck at the airport, we've recommended the Five Things to Buy at the Airport to Survive Long Delays, because we've been in your position way too much and are now like the Survivorman of airports.

Pro-Tip: Don't forget to keep your friends/family/pick-up ride up to date with your flight details!

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