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Ferrari World and The World's Fastest Roller Coaster to Open October 27

September 30, 2010 at 8:34 AM | by | ()

It's happening, and soon! The theme park we never thought would happen, or at least this quickly, has announced it's official opening date. Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World debuts to the public on October 27 of this year. It's only the soft-opening period until the big grand opening in December, but still. It'll exist and hopefully it won't be long before YouTube is full of point-of-view videos of the world's fastest roller coaster, the park's Formula 1-inspired "Formula Rossa."

But of course, that's not all. The thing has a 21-acre roof, painted in Ferrari red. It's under here where the crowds will find most of the action. Six days a week from October 27 through December, the park will open at 12 noon. Adult ticket prices start at AED 225 ($61.25), but AED 375 ($102) will get you a Premium Ticket, which will give priority ride access and entrance to a lounge with refreshments.

Now a preview of the Big Three rides at the Ferrari Theme Park:

The Formula Rossa coaster car

The Formula Rossa outdoor portion of the track

· Formula Rossa
This is the ride for which you'll be waiting in a long line, as it's the park's main attraction and set to be the Fastest roller coaster in the world. To claim this record, Formula Rossa will hit speeds between 125 and 150 mph on a track that begins inside and goes outside and around. We hope you don't get whiplash, but the cars will accelerate within four seconds, using something like what launches military jets off aircraft carriers. And it's so fast, you've got to wear protective goggles. It's also the fifth longest roller coaster in the world.

· G-Force
In total there will be about twenty rides and attractions featured at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, all dedicated to everything racing and performance. This ride is one of those drop towers to simulate extreme g-forces, and it'll max out at a height of 100 ft in the air, taking you and dropping you back through the central hole in the big, red roof. Speaking of that roof, it's topped with the largest Ferrari logo in the world.

· Fiorano GT Challenge
This coaster will bring guests one step closer to actually driving a Ferrari as crazy and quickly as can be imagined. There’s two competing tracks, so you’ll be racing your buddies while sitting in something that resembles the latest in Italian super car design. The cars are replicas of a Ferrari F430 Spider, but they could definitely pass as the real thing if they had an engine. Designers have even included different launch sections which they hope will simulate real racing conditions, but you’ll probably just be trying to hold on as you reach speeds of about 60 mph.

· Speed of Magic
Take the "It's a Small World" boat ride experience and transfer it to modern day, where instead of inside a happy village of international peoples signing, you're inside a pulsating car engine. The 4-D Speed of Magic will be a flume ride that puts you in an environment like "Honey I Shrunk the Kids," just under the hood of a Ferrari.

An overview of the park

[Photo: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi]

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Sounds Fun

This definitely sounds like attractions I'd like to ride. Not bad prices on the tickets, now I just need the couple grand for airfare and accomodations. :) - www.miaandmaki.com