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Five US Airports That Still Have Smoking Lounges

September 21, 2010 at 9:26 AM | by | ()

We’re not here to give you a lecture on what’s best for your health, as we realize after a stressful flight the only way to make things better might be with a cigarette. Smoking is a big no-no at most airports across the US, but there are still some where smoke in the terminal doesn’t require a police investigation. Here are five airport smoking lounges where you can still light up:

· Denver International Airport:
Colorado seems like a pretty healthy place, but they still have a spot for cigarette smoking at the airport. Don't hesitate to bum a smoke off a fellow passenger at The Aviator's Club on the west side of Jeppesen Terminal. If that’s not convenient for your layover, there’s the Mesa Verde smoking lounge within the A gates on the mezzanine level of the airport. The B gates have a smoking lounge as well, and the Smokin’ Bear—awesome—is located in the center of the C gates. Just keep track of time if you decide to try out more than one lounge, as your flight is not going to wait.

· Tampa International Airport:
Airports in Florida have the best smoking areas in the United States, as they usually have outside options so you can get some kind of fresh air at the same time as you ruin your lungs. We’ll pick Tampa International Airport as the best, since it boasts observation decks that double as smoking lounges on the airside of A, C, E and F. There are plenty of benches and ashtrays to make you more comfortable, as well as plenty of taxiing airplanes to check out. Although we're non-smokers, we kind of want to check this one out on or next trip to the Sunshine State.

The view inside of an ATL smoking lounge...

· Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport :
To us, Atlanta's airport is the biggest and baddest when it comes to getting your nicotine fix past the security checkpoint. Each of the airport’s concourses have two smoking lounges, and you’ll immediately recognize them thanks to warning signs and the automatic glass doors. Feel free to borrow a lighter at the following places: in Concourse B near gates 7 and 24; at Concourse C near gates 16 and 26; around gates 16 and 26 in Concourse D; and in Concourse E near gates 9, 17, and 29. If you need a beer with your smoke, just visit the Budweiser Brewhouse & Smoking Lounge in the center of Concourse A..

· Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport:
Since Delta teamed up with Northwest, things have become a little less busy at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport, but they still are going strong when it comes to smoking in the airport. There’s smoking lounges in all concourses, and even a pretty convenient one slightly overlooking the runway at the back of the food court. That way you can bring your 3-way chili with you! The full service restaurants like Outback and Max & Erma’s even have smoking sections, so you can grab a steak or burger while enjoying a little personal time.

· Dulles International Airport:
Visiting the nation’s capital can be pretty stressful, especially if you’re heading to face the IRS or facing a federal hearing in front of Congress. Hopefully you’re just going to see the Washington Monument, but we recognize that you still might need to light up within the terminal. Within Dulles International Airport you’re allowed to smoke in several areas. Feed your habit within smoking lounges located in the B, C, and D gate areas, but remember that smoking is definitely not allowed anywhere else.

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Graycliff Divans at Nashville Airport

Dear Kyle,

We'd like to add two great lounges by Graycliff Divans and Boutiques at Nashville International Airport (BNA)'s  Gates B-9 and C-10.  We also have one at the Lynden O. Pindling International Airport in Nassau Bahamas.

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Lambert-St. Louis International

Still smoking lounges in STL... Though, I think they're going away within the next year or so.

Thanks for the suggestions!

If you know of any more good ones, please keep them coming. Miami enjoys tobacco in the terminal, and I think there's some smaller airports kicking around as well.

Glad to hear about the air filtering...that's a plus.


Of all places, Salt Lake City also still has smoking lounges. "Lounge" might be a bit of generous term, since it's more like "enclosed plexiglass box", but I recall seeing one last year when passing through. Still, if you're the type to light up, better than going outside and braving the cold Utah winter (and colder stares from a few overzealous Mormons).

Smokin' in OKC

Oklahoma city's Will roger world airport, still has a smoking section (in a place where you don't have to go through security again!) but my fav. smoking airports is and will always be DENVER!!

Chicago O'hare Int. Airport

Chicago O'hare Int. is soo ANTI-SMOKERS. Avoid that airport if you can.

O'hare Int. Airport in Chicago

You have to go outside if you want a cigarette and twist in the wind by the curb. And do security again. Oh and a pack of cigarettes if you can find a store that sells them will cost you $13 / pack. WELCOME TO CHICAGO!