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An iPhone App for the Always Hungry: 'New York Street Food'

September 21, 2010 at 11:04 AM | by | ()

Here at Jaunted, we love to talk about food trucks, and a lot of our love for them stems from the creativity they have every day, serving gourmet meals and specialty items from a mobile restaurant, but also some of it comes from the mystery of it all—where will they be, will they have this favorite dish and will they have any new menu items? As excited as we get for a good food truck, it's however just as important to remember that before food trucks, New York City had (and has) vendor carts, which have set up shop on their usual corners for years and years, serving up excellent halal or Koream bibimbap.

Now (finally) there's an iPhone Travel App called New York Street Food that plots these vendor carts and a few of the regular food trucks onto a handy-dandy Google Map of the city, with categories searchable by food ethnicity (Japanese or South American?) and food type (soup or pizza?).

It's new to the iTunes store and although it already is an excellent aid in finding the city's sometimes elusive exotic street vendors, we wish that it incorporated a ratings system, where you could vote a star level for each place. Perhaps that'll come with Version 2? For now, Version 1 is designed for both iPhone and iPad, and it costs 99 cents.

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