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Paris Hilton Just Got Denied Entry to Japan

Where: Tokyo, Japan
September 21, 2010 at 2:54 PM | by | ()

Japan is having a rough week with their celebrity travelers. First, the news spilled about Apple CEO Steve Jobs' alleged issue with transporting ninja stars through security and back home to the US on his private plane, and now Paris HIlton has been kept out of the country since just after touching down. Coincidentally, she was also traveling by private plane.

Japan doesn't have a problem with Paris so much as they do with her drug problem; the country is strict about letting in visitors with recent drug convictions, and it was only yesterday that she plead guilty in the case of the cocaine found in her possession during a stop in Las Vegas. Paris was headed to Japan with her sister Nicky, to promote their fashion line throughout Asia. Tokyo was to be first, followed by Indonesia and Malaysia, but after Japanese officials detained Paris at the airport and then refused her entry to the country, she was forced to strike Japan from the list. She's reportedly stuck in the airport's hotel until they can figure out what to do next.

We may not be private plane-flying millionaires with fashion and perfume deals to promote, but we have to say that it probably wasn't the best idea for Paris to fly out of the country so soon after pleading guilty on a serious charge. Oh well, she's Indonesia's problem right now.

[Photo: Paris Hilton's TwitPic]

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