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The Flight Attendant Hotel Hotspots of NYC

September 2, 2010 at 9:46 AM | by | ()

It may not be the swingin' sixties or even the days when hot pants ruled the sky, but Flight Attendants are still a subject of curiosity. Consummate jet setters, FAs may spend a week hopping between several different cities, but eventually they must say "buh-bye" to the last passengers and spend some time on the ground themselves.

Recently on Facebook, our favorite airline hostess—the Aussie comedian Pam Ann—asked her huge fanbase of flight crew where they stayed when their international flights land in New York City. Are they in swank hotels or by-the-hour rooms out by the airport?

Check out the full (and hilarious) list of replies here, but it looks like NYC's appropriately-named Concorde Hotel for the Radisson Martinique on Broadway, which we've always thought was one of the busiest little hotel entrances in town. Now we know why.

[Pam Ann photo: Jaunted]

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