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Dream Job Alert! Finnair Wants 'Quality Hunters' to Fly Around the World

Where: Finland
September 2, 2010 at 4:48 PM | by | ()

Does your job suck? Or maybe you just know there's something out there that's better for you. Or maybe you don't have a job at all. Whichever reason it is, let it get you motivated to enter Finnair's new contest, Top Quality Hunter.

The airline is looking to hire not one, but four people to act as "quality hunters," blogging as much as they're flying across Europe, the United States and Asia. Here's the idea of it:

The Quality Hunters' mission will be to travel to cities in Europe, Asia and the US throughout October and November, assessing flights, airports and destinations. As independent advisors to Finnair, they are expected to communicate their impartial views and recommendations to the company on a regular basis throughout the two-month period. In addition, the Quality Hunters will share their thoughts and adventures with the public through personal blogs.

Applications are due to Finnair's Rethink Quality site by September 26, at which point online voting will begin. Even if you don't make the group of four winners, there's still a chance to get something for free: "readers who vote or comment on the blogs will get the chance to win intercontinental flights for two between Europe and Asia with Finnair." Free travel for everyone! Almost.

Archived Comments:

Fine. I'll do it.

All right... I guess you twisted my arm. My app's in. But only because you were clearly begging me to do it by writing this post. http://rethinkquality.finnair.com/video/entrant.php?id=2806