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Extra Legroom Fee on JetBlue Now Includes Early Boarding and More

September 2, 2010 at 1:41 PM | by | ()

Premium Economy, or just paying a tad bit extra for the teensiest additional perks, is big business in the airline industry these days. Even though JetBlue has managed to keep the first checked bag free on all of their routes, they began charging extra for the better seats up front quite some time ago. The "Even More Legroom" seats are on the Airbus A320s and they encompass the first five rows in the front of the plane.

For four inches of extra legroom, JetBlue charges $10 and up per seat. Now, finally, you get a smidgeon more for that money than you did before. It was announced yesterday that buying an "Even more Legroom" seat also allows you first opportunity to board the plane and first crack at the overhead bin space. We're all for extras when you're paying more, but we don't so much understand the need for these since Jetblue isn't known as an airline to have problems with boarding or overhead bin space.

We fly JetBlue on our own a fair bit, being based in New York and all, and we've not yet had issues with stowing our carry-ons (even on Embraers) and boarding is always relatively quiet and simple, since Jetblue doesn't do it cattle call-style.

So is the extra money worth it? In our opinion, it's totally worth it if you've got a long flight ahead of you like a cross-country, or you're tall or you just love lots of space. Don't do it for the new early boarding and overhead perks however, as it's not like JetBlue has a problem with those in the first place.

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doing this tomorrow

and splashed out on an extra legroom seat since it's a long flight. hope it's worth it!