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Christian Theme Park to Open in Spain, Complete with 'Live Resurrections'

Where: Mallorca, Spain
September 14, 2010 at 3:14 PM | by | ()

Europeans are fond of complaining that American imports are ruining their culture, and usually we're like "shut up, we need our Chipotle." In this very specific case, though, they might have a point. Europe's first Christian theme park—modeled after the ones in the American South and South America—is now set to open in Mallorca, Spain. Inexplicably.

We of course usually recommend a different religious travel solution. If if you want to see what the Holy Land looks like, our reasoning goes, you should actually take a trip to the Holy Land and see it. From the United States that might be prohibitive with the cost, but a flight from Spain to Israel on one of Europe's billion LCC's is fairly affordable. When you factor in the Euro/Shekel exchange rate you're almost saving money. We understand there are pluses and minuses—in Israel you can only walk on the "Jesus trail" while in religious theme parks you can actually meet Jesus—but we kind of prefer our way. Even if there are no "live resurrections," as this theme park promises.

What are "live resurrections," you ask? Excellent question. They're just a few of the rolling daily attractions planned for the coming Holy Land park. The Guardian notes that while details are sketchy, the park will probably also include reenactments of the creation of mankind, the birth of Christ, and the last supper. All of these will repeat throughout the day. There are even people dressed up as Romans, which is apparently another thing that you can't find anywhere else in Europe.

[Photo: Toby Hudson / Wiki Commons]

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Great story - love the dripping sarcasm.