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Fatal Megabus Crash Teaches Important Lesson: Don't Sit Up Front

September 13, 2010 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Although we've had our own list of the Top 5 Tips for Surviving Budget Bus Travel, we will now have to add "sitting at the front of a double-decker" to it after a fatal crash of a Megabus left four dead on Saturday. The cause? The bus had veered from its normal routes and was driving on roads unfamiliar to the driver when it drove into a railroad trestle bridge near Syracuse, NY, too low for the double-decker to pass underneath.

This Megabus, driving between Philadelphia and Toronto, was carrying only 28 passengers when the terrible accident occurred. It is the only fatal accident in Megabus' history, and the company says the incident is still under investigation.

The fatalities occurred in the front, top section of the bus, where it hit the bridge. Typically, these seats are among the most coveted by passengers, as they offer unimpeded views and the feeling as though you are driving. We've sat up top in these spots on a few o Megabus' Midwest routes before, and so we're rightly frightened by this event.

Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased, and we hope that a reason for the accident can be explained soon.

[Photos: AP/Globe and Mail]

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That is really horrible. It's almost more gruesome than a plane crash. I guess you could say the lesson learned is "Don't sit up front" but really, who would think this would happen? So sad.

August 2 2012

Sadly, this is no longer the only fatal accident in Megabus's history.