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Fugly, Er, Controversial 2012 Olympics Mascots Already On Sale in London

Where: St. Pancras International, London, United Kingdom
September 13, 2010 at 3:52 PM | by | ()

The other week, we rode The Chunnel, excuse us the "Channel Tunnel", from London's St. Pancras/King's Cross station into glorious Paris, a trip that took a little under two hours.

While we were grabbing some healthy fresh food options from Marks & Spencer before we checked in and did the whole security rigamole (yes, this train station has security although much quicker than any TSA joint) we noticed an interesting little shop across the way--London 2012 Olympics Souvenirs. Front and center at the store? The controversial one-eyed London mascots--Wenlock and Mandeville.

We snapped a few shots from the store's outside as it wasn't yet open but it's safe to say we'll be passing on any Wenlock and Mandeville dolls which cost about 25 quid. However, the colored taxi cabs were rather cute and affordable at £5.

What do you think--are Wenlock and Mandeville fugly or sweet and totally worth 25 quid? Drop your thoughts in comments below!

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I like the story behind them... and they have got to be better than some mascots in the past... i.e. Atlanta and his bulging eyes