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Airports Need More Gigantic Flume Slides, Just Like at Singapore's Changi

Where: Changi International Airport, Singapore, Singapore
September 1, 2010 at 5:28 PM | by | ()

Gothamist posed a very important question today, when they heard that Singapore's Changi International Airport installed a 4-story slide. They mused: "Do New York Airports Need Slides?" Without a doubt the answer is yes, but we're pretty sure that JFK, EWR and LGA don't have an atrium as impressive as Changi's for putting one in.

Despite the fact that the New York-area airports need some funning-up like what comes from installing a gigantic silver tube slide, we may have to save up our pennies and take a trip to Singapore to experience this impressive airport slide. What do solo travelers do with their luggage while sliding, we wonder? And did Changi take this from the Carsten Höller exhibit of about three years ago when the artist installed very similar slides for the public at London's Tate Modern?

How to ride the Singapore Changi Airport slide:
· Be at Terminal 3 between 12.00pm and 10.30pm on any day of the week
· Spend $22 within the airport and get two tickets for the slide
· Look for the slide in the Level 1 Public Area and Basement 2, Public Area
· Choose from either the 4-story slide or the 2-story slide, and let 'er rip!

[Photo: Fans of Changi via Gothamist]

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