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The Vuvuzela, Star of the World Cup, Now Banned from European Stadiums

September 1, 2010 at 12:59 PM | by | ()

Now that this year's World Cup has been over for a couple months, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is getting around to discussing those pesky plastic horns so popular in South Africa, the Vuvuzela. Unfortunately, they aren't liking what they're hearing because UEFA has announced a ban on vuvuzelas in stadiums for all European Championship and Champions League matches.

Prior to the South Africa World Cup, vuvuzelas weren't part of the football (soccer, whichever word) fans cheering aresenal, but then those fans traveled to World Cup, spent some pocket change on the big horns, and decided that practically bursting the ear drums of fans of the opposing team was good fun. Thus, the vuvuzela has migrated north and European games aren't having it.

Heck, even we've got a vuvuzela so they have really gotten around this summer. That doesn't stop them from being somewhat dangerous, however:

The vuvuzela has been subject to controversy. It produces dangerously high sound pressure levels for unprotected ears. Extended exposure to the vuvuzela can lead to permanent hearing loss. The maximum sound output is varied between 113 and 131 dBA. In response to the controversy, a new model has a modified mouthpiece that reduces the volume by 20 dB.

Somehow we doubt those quieter vuvuzelas will sell, especially with this new ban. So know before you go: leave your vuvuzela at home.

[Photos: Carol Browne, warrenski]

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