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Zach Anner Brings Wisecracks and His Wheelchair to a New Travel Show

August 9, 2010 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

Move over, Rick Steves. There's a new travel show host on the scene and he's much funnier than you. What also makes Zach Anner different is that he has cerebral palsy, which he says is the "sexiest of all the palsies.” Anner's condition is explained on his Facebook fan page: "He also is confined to a wheelchair like that kid from Glee, but for real, and can't sing."

The 26-year-old became an Internet darling for his hilarious audition video to Oprah's Your OWN Show contest. The comedian proposed that if he got his own show, it would focus on travel "for people who never thought they could travel" that would tell you "how to have the perfect vacation when things don't go right at all."

While controversy surrounds the reality show's voting process, Anner's taken to YouTube to do his travel show. He recently released the first of his Niagara Falls series, "Zach in the Buff." In it, he warns about the dangers of falling into the rapids—the $500 fine. He also attempts to run over seagulls with his motorized wheelchair.

He also did a three-part series "Zach Anner Rolls Over Austin," which covers Austin, Texas, where he resides. The first video explores the state capitol, and while there's plenty of jokes—poking fun at an official who identified himself as trooper Smith, making out with a sign—the segment also shows how inaccessible a so-called handicapped-accessible building is. The second video visits the city's make-out capital, Mt. Bonnell, where he had trouble getting his mojo working since he was being carried by another man up the mountain. The last installment takes place at the Keep Austin Weird festival, where he calls a woman dressed as a fairy a fraud for not being able to help him magically walk again.

Stay tuned for the next episode, which will bring Anner back to his hometown, Buffalo in Upstate New York. We'll be watching to see this funnyman work his comedic travel mojo.

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