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Five Things to Do on Your Layover at: Detroit-Metro Airport

August 25, 2010 at 10:29 AM | by | ()

Weíve all had layovers that were a little longer than initially expected. Mechanical delays, weather emergencies, and all kinds of other issues make that tight 45-minute connection turn into something extraordinary. We canít get promise your flight will depart on time, but we can offer some time killers at the airport.

Five picks for spending a few extra hours within the McNamara terminal at Detroit-Metro Airport:

· Sushi Stop:
Delta uses Detroit as a gateway to the East, so itís not surprising that you can start your vacation or business trip with a little sushi right in the terminal. Sora has all your sashimi favorites, but they also have plenty of noodle bowls for those long cold Michigan winters. Prices are somewhat reasonable, but the best thing is that the place isnít gross. Thereís no prepackaged fake crab rolls here, and weíd even say itís actually pretty darn good considering its location. Itís near gate A35 near the gates typically used for Tokyo-bound flights.

· Work On Your Fitness:
DTW's McNamara terminal makes the airport one of our favorites, but you still might want to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the terminal. During longer layovers make your way to the Westin hotel thatís right in the airport. It has its own entrance not too far from the center of Concourse A, and theyíd be happy to have you inside to test out their treadmills, weights, and elliptical machines. Along with providing an escape from the terminal the hotel offers day passes to the gym for just $15. Itís worth it if youíre a little more ambitious than usóweíre usually the ones in line for a cookie and frappuccino.

· Címon Ride The Train:
If youíve never been to this airport before or you've just got a lot of time to kill, nothing beats riding the terminal train. Itís not quite as fun as the monorail at Walt Disney World, but itís pretty close. Weíve mentioned it before, and its unique ability to whisk passengers back and forth between opposite ends of Concourse A which seems to go on foreveró78 gates to be exact. Just donít be alarmed if you hear some angry birds while waiting to board, as the airport loves to play scary animal noises to keep away the feathered friends that sneak through the TSA lines.

· Look At The Lights:
If youíre connecting on mainline Delta jets youíll probably be spending all your time within Concourse A, but you might want to take a little trip to either Concourse B or C just to see whatís going on below the runway. Thereís a long tunnel connecting the different parts of the terminal, and itís tricked out with glass walls and LED lighting effects. Thereís trippy sound effects too and sometimes itís a little too much fun when weíre rushing to our gate. Thereís always someone taking pictures or stopping in the middle, so itís not only us who think itís cool.

· Make A Wish:
The center of Concourse A is where you can find one of the coolest fountains in any airport. Just like the rest of the airport, itís been featured on television and on the big screen in movies like Up in the Air. The area behind the fountain is filled with huge windows with views of the runway, and thereís usually at least one 747 hanging out waiting to go depending on the time of the day. We canít guarantee tossing a coin into the fountain will get you a free upgrade to first class, but itís worth a shot. Just donít stop by the fountain too late in the day, as we once saw workers standing on top sucking out all the coins with a Shop-Vac.

Bonus Pick: If all else fails, thereís always the graffiti rocks!

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I do love the tunnel. Too bad I only really get to enjoy when I'm connecting from a nice flight to a crappy jumper flight. The fountain is WAY too tempting to touch. But when a 747 pulls right up to the windows behind it, the reflection in the fountain is awesome.