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Spain's Massive 'La Tomatina' Food Fight is Today; Start Planning for Next Year

Where: Bunol, Spain
August 25, 2010 at 8:49 AM | by | ()

If we could be anywhere today, we'd be in Bunol, Spain, to join one of the world's biggest food fights. The weapon of choice: overripe tomatoes. While it's too late to join La Tomatina this year, start planning to attend the 2011 event, which goes down on the last Wednesday in August.

La Tomatina fulfills all your school cafeteria dreams of a massive food fight. About 30,000 people show up to hurl more than 220,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other.

The tomato-throwing event starts with a ham placed upon a large greasy pole at 11 a.m. Someone has to climb to the top and take it down. Once that happens, a cannon will be fired and the messy mayhem begins. The sure-to-stain-your-clothes tomato fight lasts up two hours, until the cannon fires again.

Food fight rules require that you smush the tomatoes before throwing ‘em, refrain from tearing others' clothes and don't bring anything that may provoke someone into a more serious brawl, such as a glass bottle. This is supposed to be fun, folks. Organizers recommend wearing goggles to protect your peepers from the acidy tomatoes. And obviously, wear clothes you can dispose of afterward.

Apparently, there aren't many accommodations in Bunol, so look into staying in Valencia, 25 miles outside of the city, and bus it in. Just be sure to bring an extra set of clothes for the ride back to the hotel.

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