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Win an All You Can Jet Pass from JetBlue and Jaunted

August 23, 2010 at 2:10 PM | by | ()

Update: 11:59am on August 25: The contest is now closed. Comments after 11:59pm EST on 08/25/10 will not count for entries in the contest.

Today is the day. The day for what, you ask? Well, if you were one of the lucky ones to score a JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass before the airline sold out of them last week, then today is the day you may begin booking your multitude of flights. For those without the AYCJ pass, it's back to life on the ground as usual...or is it? You see, there's still a chance to go off jetting, and this time for free, because...

We're giving away one of the coveted AYCJ-7 passes from JetBlue, and you can enter to win it by leaving a comment below. The prize is the AYCJ-7 pass, which sold for $699 but is yours for free if you win. It allows you fly to any of JetBlue's 60+ destinations on any day of the week, starting from September 7 and lasting through October 6. You'll also be able to join the active AYCJ community here, for trip planning help, meet-ups and more. Terms apply.

Entering is simple; just leave a comment on this story and tell us where you will go with the AYCJ-7 pass. You will have to be a registered member of Jaunted to leave a comment. You can become one here.


* The contest entry period closes at 11:59pm on Wednesday, August 25.
* Read the FAQ on the AYCJ Pass here
* See the AYCJ Terms & Condition here
* Please check out the official rules and Privacy Policy.

This contest is now closed.

Archived Comments:

i'd go to new york

i'd be on a plane to jfk like nobody's business!

NYC and CA

Back and forth to New York and California as much as I can!

AYCJ-7 is even better than the Blue Moon Beer

I'd use the pass to make travel videos everywhere Jetblue flies!

All over

As I recently became unemployed, I'd use it to just have some fun as it is long overdue! I'd go visit my friends around the country whom I have not seen in a long time...Boston, Texas, California, Seattle, Portland, New Orleans...and then some fun in Vegas, and some R&R in the Caribbean.

Where wouldn't I go?

Since I'm getting married Labor Day weekend, I'd use the pass to fly to NY/ JFK and visit family who can't fly to San Diego for the wedding (where I live). Might hop up to Boston, then to Seattle to see my brother.

NYC to... first vacation of the year!!

Leaving NYC after 9 long vacation-less months to St Maarten (or, why not, Barbados), then back to Boston for a mini-vacation maybe! And of course, a weekend in Cali to San Diego, where the weather is nice and warm... And road trip to LA, and then, unfortunately, back to work in nyc! Ah, this would be amazing...

AYCJ goodness

I'd go from Seattle to San Fran to NYC to Boston, To New Orleans, to Austin, to Dallas and Chapel hill to DC and Boulder, LA and others promoting this http://www.learninginnovation.org/programs/innovative_cities.html

All my dream locations

I'd pack in as many short trips as possible to all the places in the U.S. I'm dying to see: Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, new Orleans, Chicago, Denver. And then maybe hop down to South American if there was time. And, of course, I'd blog and tweet about the whole thing with plenty of photos and video to document my adventures.

Where I'd go with my AYCJ pass from Jaunted..!

I'd go to NY to work on a charity book project, and to FL to see my family! And I'd post about it on Twitter and Facebook..!

i would go on AYCJ

to a major city every weekend! one south, one west, one north, and of course ny

sf to everywhere...

Originally an east coaster, with friends + family all over, I'd hit DC, Boston, NYC, Chicago, LA, and Pittsburgh at a minimum. Vegas, Charlotte + an island if I could swing it, too!

AYCJ-7 pass

I would go to the Caribbean! And visit cities I have never traveled to before: Seattle, Portland, Austin, and any New England city. I've never been to Disney World so I'd take a trip to Orlando too.

First Time Jet Blue Flyer!

It would be my first time flying with Jet Blue!! I would fly Portland - NYC - BDA - NYC - Seattle - LA and back to NYC - Portland. So exciting!

Loved it last year

I'd get to NY, Boston, Miami, Vegas, Chicago... who knows where else.

First stop NYC... from there, EVERYWHERE

I would fly to NYC first, to see my best friend who I haven't seen in a year. From there, I'd go everywhere JetBlue flies that I haven't been. No place would be off limits, I've got my passport ready to get some love!

Photographic journey

I'd love to jaunt across the country with my camera in tote to take street portraits and city snapshots while enjoying new and exciting places!

Up and outta here...and everywhere else!

WOWZA, with a AYCJP I'd be all over the place! Starting with up and out of Vegas to go see all my folks and family back home in NYC! Then...conquer the rest of the destinations I've been itchin to go to...like Portland OR, Austin, Seattle...hit up some Aruba and Bahamas...and the list goes on and on!

I would go here, there, and everywhere

To Bermuda, Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Richmond, New Orleans, Burlington, San Jose, San Diego, and last but not least, Orlando - to get my Disney on.

The All You Can Jet Pass

I'd be working the coasts again, and again

Where WOULDN'T I go?

Wow, what amazing opportunities this pass would bring! This would be a great way to kick off my travel blog.

I Would Be All Ova!

Definitely hit up the beaches in the Caribbean, see my friends in Portland and Seattle, LA, NYC, and check out some sweet Bogota action! Hell, I might even take winning as a sign, and quit my job to make sure I can take advantage of the whole experience!! :)


I can run my business from the skies or the ground. Great way to expand my business and visit all my friends & family in one month.

Finish what I started last year

I was a class of 09 AYCJer and ran out of time to visit everywhere I wanted to. I would go to the rest of the places I have never been. It was 30 days that I will never forget and would do almost anything to do again. I sat back on the last day, in the last airport, for my last flight looking at pictures and could not believe that it had all been only 30 days seemed like years went by. All the people we had met and amazing places we saw. Words cannot describe what it feels like to be in Myan Ruins and 4 day later be in Costa Rican hot springs over looking a beautiful volcano.And the JetBlue staff was amazing, helpful and fun. I hope I win but if not who ever does live it up take lots of videos and pictures, but don't take a month that will change your life for granted. As one of Jetblue's slogan said it is an Altitude Adjustment for sure. Happy Jetting

AYCJ-7 is even better than the Blue Moon Beer

I'd use the pass to make travel videos everywhere Jetblue flies! First stop--Bogota, Colombia, followed by San Jose, Costa Rica...San Juan...

JetBlue, here I come!

If I win the AYCJ pass, I would go as many places as possible! I just graduated from college and am looking for a job so I would use the pass to travel the country in search of employment. I would definitely go to NYC (never been!), San Francisco to visit my brother, Ft. Lauderdale to visit my aunt and uncle, and Colombia to visit my cousin!


I'm not exactly working right now, so I'd go everywhere! I'd start with Chicago to visit my friends & family back home, pop out to San Francisco to see my best friend, and visit the Caribbean destinations to get out of NYC for a bit!

Anywhere, but here...

I'm somewhat of a marathon traveler. This would be perfect for me!


Hmmm ... Definitely Bogota, then maybe St. Lucia, definitely out to Portland, Seattle and Cali to visit friends and family ... And then? Even I don't know ...

Where WOULDN'T I go?

Where all does JetBlue fly? That's where you'll find me!

Packing my bags

I'd fly from coast to coast starting with Portland, ME then Seattle, WA then San Diego, CA. Quick stop in Phoenix to Vegas and back home in NY

winner here!

Austin, Houston, P'town!!

SJU Here I come!

Absolutely love the nightlife in San Juan! I'd get a kick out of saying, "Hey, I'm flying to PR for the night to party and flying right back in the morning!"

Terra Blue Chips

My favorite meal...

AYCJ awesomeness

I'd hop around the country to see people who I miss--my grandparents in Florida, my brother in San Diego, friends in Chicago and Phoenix, uncle in San Francisco and then probably check out a few places I've never been, like Seattle/Portland. I'd also love to be able to break in my new passport a bit by going down to Costa Rica or Colombia for a bit.

AYCJ everywhere!

but namely: Costa Rica, New Orleans, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and St Maarten ... maybe Orlando if I had extra time on a stopover.

Come on lets Travel!

I already have a schedule planned out (I missed out on buying one as they had already sold out by the time I tried to buy mine) and have 22 cities lined up, in over 7 countries. I would go from Seattle to Austin, to Boston to Aruba! Starting in Bogota though where I am currently at. I haven't ever won anything so if this happens it will be a God send for me!

Where Wouldn't I Fly??

I would be flying all over. It's fall race season so I would be able to go and try out a few new marathons and half marathons around the country!!

Jet Blue Pass

Given the chance, I would love to visit places that I have never been to like Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City and then go in the opposite direction to Saint Maarten, Aruba and any place else, time permitting. Never having flown Jet Blue this would be an excieting experience.


But Costa Rica and Punta Cana first!

R and R!

I tried to think of a million things to say, but to be honest, I met this girl who lives in NYC and I live in LA. Obviously I would go see her and visit the city I lived in for a decade. Once in New York, so many flights to South America, Boston, Bahamas, Chi-town :) Maybe take a flight just to watch some TV and have a glass of wine? A little me time! Can I sit in the cockpit? The possibilities are unlimited. I heart Jet Blue :)

Wind beneath my wings

I'd take the entire month to travel! Starting from Florida, I'd check out the Caribbean, visit with family in New Orleans, See some friends in Austin, win some money in Vegas, check out San Diego, and then fly to Seattle to hopefully take a boat & check out Canada! On my way home and if there's still time, I'd stop off to catch a show in NYC and tour the sites in Washington DC.

Passport and bags packed!

I'd tweet all about my journey!! Ciao for now :) Skip

Where would I go??

Wherever Jetblue flies. I have over 3 weeks vacation that I need to use by 12/31 and I would spend every hour of it flying from one beautiful destination to the next.

a taste of life

I'm currently in a waiting period as I begin my new career. I will be going to nursing school in January, but until then, I found that I have time to do everything I wanted to do - for me. Things have been up and down lately in my life - not knowing where I was headed or where I wanted to go. But now that I have a clear sense of where I'm going in my life, at the same time, it's the perfect time to have NO idea where I'll be flying, what I'll be seeing, who I'll be meeting, or what moments I will be capturing with my SLR and Flip! I feel like my world has been reset. And now that I can finally stop worrying about where I'll be, I want to enjoy everything life has to offer! I love taking pictures, traveling, putting myself in new experiences that are out of my comfort zone, and above all else - FOOD! I want to literally TASTE life! And do things I've never done or dreamed of doing. Thanks for this amazing opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

Now you see them, now you don't

Those passes sold out pretty quickly.


I didn't say where I'd be going because I want to go anywhere and everywhere :)

3 kids in college and no vacations for us

This would be a *fabulous* splurge for us to be able to take a vacation- to visit our 3 children off at colleges around the US and maybe a 30th Anniversary trip to the Caribbean! What a wonderful gift this would be.... (I'm already packing my bags)!!!

I'd go on a food tour...

First I'd head to Boston for Cream Pie, New York/Manhattan for Clam Chowder, Buffalo for some Wings, Chicago for deep dish pizza, and then San Juan for the hell of it.

weekends in NYC

it would be amazing to fly back home for NOT work. I might have to actually go on vacation and fly someplace on an island too.

AYCJ + Jaunted = Awesome

Wow - this would be awesome! I'd love to visit my aunt in PDX, some college friends up in ROC, cousins in LAX, a few trips down to a warm beach - in fact, I could think of 61 places that I'd wanna go!

I would go on a Wine & Beach Tour

I would tour all the different wine regions and then take a beach tour of all the different tropical JetBlue destinations. Who wants to go with me???

Spotting Vacation

First I would head to Seattle to check out all things Boeing. After that I'd be off to spot at the following locations; LAX, SFO, JFK, LAS, PHX and then ORD for some real deep dish pizza.

When you coming home, son?

I'd definitely go see my dad. We've only seen each other once in the past two years and that was for a single day - my grandfather's funeral. We keep trying to make plans but between work, illnesses, money, life and so on, we just haven't been able to get together. I really miss him.

NYC to everywhere!

As a NYC based flier, I'd travel to California, and back, and everywhere else I could go! I'd love to see some places in the Gulf that I've never been!


I would love to jet, and I'd promise to send you all updates from the road.

Appreciating The Good 'Ole U.S. of A!

Born and raised in California and have been more places abroad than my own country! Kind of embarrassing, no? I would take advantage of the JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass and visit a different US city every weekend (that I haven't been to) - NYC, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans and maybe Cancun for the heck of it. I want to experience the food, the culture and the nightlife!

Being the social media nerd that I am I would of course tweet, TwitPic, Facebook, Yelp and Twirhl my way through the states! I am salivating over the trip already... pick me! :)

Backpack & a tent

I would go anywhere i can pitch a tent! Mostly the islands and would love to go to Bogota!

Away I go!

Florida here I come.

let's be honest

I'd go to lake country and spend some time with my family and friends soaking up the last of the year's sunny season!

Up Up and Away I go on JetBLUE!!!

I am inspired by travel and am looking for a EAT PRAY LOVE experience!At 44yrs old, my kids are grown and I am learning to live my life and need a Jet boost to get out there and discover it! To meet new people and see what America is all about in culture and history. First, I would travel to the North East first, seeing Boston, Hartford, Portland ME, Buffalo, and stop in NYC for the memorial of 9/11. Plus, my birthday is September 27th and I would love to kick it off with a month long celebration!!!!!

travel with my brother

My brother got an AYCJ pass, so I'd join him and we'd travel together! I definitely want to hit up NOLA and perhaps Cancun...

Pick Me!

Hey Jaunted Pick me for this promo! (worth a shot right?) Like everyone else commenting I'd travel as much as I could, see and experience the many sites and sounds most destinations have to offer. Just off the top of my head top places to visit (San Diego, Seattle, Maine, Boston, NY, Bermuda, Austin, New Orleans... and the list goes on and on!) I could (unfortunately) play up the fact I'm unemployed and couldn't afford the pass this year, but I'm not going down this route. If you pick me I would be forever grateful and humbled and seriously excited to embark on a once in a life-time experience. I also would work with your staff to post blogs or marketing materials if you so desire. Thanks for the great promo!

All I Can Jet

I'd have to work in New Jersey during part of the month of September, but I would still try to maximize the trips taken with AYCJ pass. Here's my list: -Go to San Juan to visit my ailing grandmother. Spend a few days there. -Go home to Chicago, spend time with my mom and brother, eat some deep dish pizza. -Head out to New Orleans, check out Bourbon St., have some awesome creole food and then check out some of the sights off the beaten path. -Take my girl out to California. She's never been, so I'd buy her ticket and then fly out to either SFO, LAX or LGB and take it from there... -Get down to Austin, TX and get weird... -Go down to Orlando, say what's up to my dad. -Finish it off in Aruba, chillin on the beach.

Since I'm moving to Brooklyn on Friday

This would be perfect. I would get up and down the coast and hit up Austin. Would also love to get to LA, Puerto Rico, and maybe Cancun.


I've been trying to get to Bogota for months now. Months of scanning deals, favoriting links, buying books. I had planned to grab this pass for this trip but have a wedding my planned travel week.

If I win this pass, screw the wedding.

Where would I go?

I would go to Costa Rica, Cali, Vegas, Seattle, Bahamas, Florida...hmmm...where else? So many places, so little time! Cancun, NY, New Orleans...I think that should keep me busy for a month! I wish I heard about it before it sold out. Will they do it again you think?

Help me empower young women!

I'm a 24 year old itinerant feminist organizer, meaning I travel across the country training young women to change their lives and their communities through grassroots organizing. Right now I am teaching a hands-on training called 'Girl Power 2.0' that teaches teenage girls how to effectively use flip cams, pod casts, blogs, and other internet technologies to tell their stories and start campaigns for change in their schools. I live in NYC and do these trainings in communities and for organizations that have the resources to fly me there and do the day-long training. I have a long list of places that would love for me to train their girls but can't afford to the airfare! If I were to win this pass, I'd schedule as many of these trainings as humanly possible and chronicle the adventure on my blog, with copious nods to JetBlue and Jaunted for making it all possible. You can check out my work at www.shelbyknox.com - thanks for your consideration!

Pick me ! I have a plan

I got laid off recently, and would like to create a blog sharing experiences from as many jetblue locations as i can with text, pictures, videos, and hopefully the help of the jetblue staff i meet along the way :)

Adios SD

What a better time to explore the world than as a recent college grad? Expect to see me in SF, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, Denver, New Orleans, Chicago, Palm Beach, NYC, St. Lucia, and lastly in Costa Rica helping rescue baby sea turtles. Happy travelling everyone!

Improving Health and Patient Care With AYCJ

I would take my work in medical education on the road, talking with patients, caregivers and physicians around the country. I would use the regional information to help better develop medical education activities with a goal of improving patient care. I find that I garner the best information when I meet with folks face to face, and this would certainly help by providing the travel resources to get to the various locations. I would also help healthcare professionals find existing education to meet the needs that they share with me. This would also enable me to meet with more folks who could provide the funding for the education, thus making it free to healthcare and patient communities. I would chronicle the entire initiative using social media and invoke positive karma to and for JetBlue and Jaunted!

Oh, the places I would go!

I live in California and have several big events in the next month that I would love to be able to travel to. First, there's the bachelorette party for one of my best friends in Vegas. Then, my sister-in-law's baby shower in New York. Then the wedding for my friend in Austin, TX. After all that I might actually take a vacation - something I haven't been able to do in forever!!!!

Friends, family, and more!

Flexibility as a graduate student has its perks! I'm long overdue for some visits to friends and family, and a vacation to boot. Just tentatively going over the list, I'd be flying off to Austin, Seattle, Denver, Tampa, Burlington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Chicago just for the friends and family. Time permitting, Bermuda and The Barbados would be nice to add to the list!


OK probably not, as I do have this pesky thing called work preventing me from taking off. But I'd LOVE to go to the East Coast - I've actually never been there (sad I know). And it would be awesome to fly up to San Francisco and see all my friends I haven't seen since college. I mean if you pick me, you can at least count on a lot of twitter love wherever I decide to go :) @CallanPaola

So many places!

I'd hit so many JetBlue cities it would make their head spin! Well, not their real head because they have a lot of employees. More of a figurative head spinning. I live out of my backpack and have no home or job. So I have tons of time to go all over the damn place. I think I'd head to Seattle from NYC first then work my way south and east until I was in the Caribbean. It would be such a good time!

Phillies Roadtrips!

I'd follow the Phillies around on their road trips. And I'd go to Florida to take a cruise.


I'd visit all my friends and family that I connected with last year on my #AYCJ pass! I couldn't afford one this year. :(

help me find this great lost bar again

Last year I used a JetBlue Cheep to go on a last-minute 36-hour trip to Nassau, where I quickly fell in with a couple of locals. They took me to a tapas bar on a horse farm where the chorizo was delicious, the drinks were strong, and the stars absolutely sparkled in the night sky -- only when I got back and tried to tell my friends about it, the place wound up being un-Googleable. Yes, really! If I got the AYCJ pass, going back to Nassau and finding that tiny, untouristy gem, which I originally found *because* of JetBlue, would be my first order of business. (And then once that was done I'd go visit friends in Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Boston, and Austin. Though not necessarily in that order!)

Wedding Whirlwind

2010 has been the year of the wedding. And this pass would allow me to add 3 more dance/love/laughter filled events to my calendar. Not to mention the weekend getaways to St.Maarten, scouting new American cities that I would never have the chance to visit and reconnecting with friends and family across the country. I would even get over my fear of flying for this opportunity.

Best Birthday Ever!

I turn the big 3-0 next month and what better way to celebrate than with a little travel? There are too many places I haven't been, and too many friends that I haven't seen lately.

AYCJ-7 pass

My name is Stefanie, and have finally gotten my first passport at 40 and am looking to do some international traveling as well as domestic! I am living on the West Coast, but am from Burlington, VT, and Jet Blue is the only airline I fly back home. I unfortunately am unable to afford much travel outside of going home, and would love to take advantage of this offer if I win this contest! I work a restaurant, which makes my schedule flexible and would be able to work with the airline on travel days. I greatly appreciate Jet Blue for bringing me home safely for many years now, and would love the opportunity to travel more extensively with them! Best, Stefanie

You can't spell travel w/o "RAVE"

And that's exactly what I will do. And document it on http://zrdavis.com . Since my office is a MacBook, portability is one of my greatest strengths (my hamstrings are the other). If I win, I plan to travel to: - New Orleans (for an authentic Cajun dinner and then JETPASS to) - Portland (for a couple PBR tallboys and a concert followed by...) - Austin (for a Longhorns game, maybe a couple more concerts, and wife hunting before I move onto) - San Francisco (because I've never been and I want to ask Steve Jobbs why I should get an iPhone 4 versus something that runs the Droid and then I'll hop over to) - Bogotá (because when else am I going to get the chance to go to Bogota. The sheer patheticness that is my Spanish speaking skills should result in a good story or 9. Then I'll pickup and head to) - Boston (due to people's assurance that Fenway is a better ballpark than Wrigley Field - something I will fight to the death. Since I've never been, however, my opinion is invalid. After a Red Sox game and some CHOWDAA I'll skip South to...) - NYC (since it's the only destination that flies directly back home to San Diego. Oh and it's awesome.) Thanks in advance for creating the best story ever. -Zach

JetBlue Cantando

You know what you gotta do when life throws you an ALL YOU CAN JET Just keep flyin....just keep flyin....just keep flyin....flyin....flyin...flyin...what do you do....when you get an all you can jet.....just keep flyin...just keep flyin...just keep flyin...just keep flyin...hmmmmm....hmmmmm....hmmmm...I love to flyyyyyyyy...I love to flyyyyyyyyyy......just keep flyin...just keep flyin...just keep flyin...dah...dah...dah......dahhhhhhhhhhhh...just keep FLYIN!

The world is my oyster

Recently unemployed I would travel to every destination I haven't been before in 3-4 day stints. New Orleans, Austin, Denver, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and San Jose Costa Rica...

character limit?

why can some write long posts, but mine says 50 characters max?

amigos here i come!

i'd visit all my friends in seattle, califonia, arkansa, chicago, DC... and then take a few trips to place i've never gone; like maine, boston and michigan.

i'd see family! and friends! everything i could!

i'm in NYC now but i spent 17yrs in Long Beach, so i'd definitely go see family & friends first! i've had 3 surgeries since Feb, have been unable to work or collect unemployment, so it'd be awesome to finally see my mom, dad, sisters, brothers & friends.
then i'd go to SAN for Chargers games! home opener against JAX, featuring the return of one of my faves, Kassim Osgood! then maybe a side trip to Vegas?!
i've never been to any of jetBlue's "tropical" destinations, and i think i need some fun in the sun after 6 months of bed rest, don't you?  winning this would be a dream come true!
plus, it's all during my 35th BIRTHDAY!!

All you can jet

Well I hardly win anything but if I did it would be awesome. I am currently a full time nursing student pursueing another career after being laid off from my previous job of 19 years. If I won this I would want to travel all over the world to places I normally would not get a chance to such as Italy, Ireland, etc.

Beach time!

I would head down to Aruba!

All about the blue

Obviously if I won something as totally awesome as an AYCJ pass, I'd have to honor the win by focusing exclusively on blue for the entirety of my 30-day trip. To start, I'd leave San Diego and head to NYC, where I'd go shopping at Blue (http://bit.ly/9vqRAZ) & make sure I was looking great. Then, I'd probably head down to Orlando, where the Blue Martini Lounge would be the spot to show off my new duds (http://bit.ly/1YRHa). I'd also scream until I was blue in the face at the Blue Man Group concert that night (http://bit.ly/c6ZYwm). After a restful stay at The Blue Heron Beach Resort (http://bit.ly/blcGW6), I'd jet (blue) my way to the Bahamas, to check out the Blue Water Resort (http://bit.ly/c3QhaO). I've heard that Blue Lagoon Island is a must see (http://bit.ly/cGMcUm). You get the idea.

AYCJ-7 pass

AYCJ-7 pass means I can go to *A*ruba new*Y*ork *C*ancun *J*amaica and to 7 other places that scream vacation!

Looking for awesome cool

I would get away from the heat and tweet about it. I live near Sacramento where the high temperature tomorrow is 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40+ degrees Celsius)!! I'd go to Portland, Oregon, Portland, Maine and any places where the daily high temps don't overheat. I'd have warm, comfortable meals, and shop the local farmers' markets for cool local foods to cook. I'd tweet about it and give ginormous credit and thanks to Jaunted.

because life is short

I grew up in a family of non-traveling worst-case scenarioists and I'm still scared stiff every time I get on a plane. If it weren't for my fearless aunt, who taught me that a fascination with the unknown is more productive than a fear, I might have never left home. She died while traveling last year. In her memory, I vowed to get to as many places on the planet as possible with the time I've got left on it. I'd use the pass for Austin, Bogota, Oakland, and other destinations on that long list.

Anywhere but AZ!

If anyone needs to get away, it is me, cause I live in Arizona!

going away

I'd go to new orleans to see family, and I would also go all over the Carribean. And maybe San Fransisco...or anywhere else Jetblue flies

Oh, the places I'd go

Where would I go with the AYCJ pass? Where wouldn't I go?

I'm currently in San Diego, originally from the Washington DC area, and work for a company based out of San Francisco.

I'd swing by LA (maybe for lunch) and hit up the awesome food trucks (Kogi, and the Nom Nom Truck). Then make my way north to San Francisco every so often to actually be in the same physical space as half of my team. Maybe while I'm there I'll finally be able to connect with people I've been meaning to connect with in the web/startup world. I'd also love to visit Portland and Seattle and check out their cultural/foodie/arts scene.

I'd spend a weekend in Vegas. I don't gamble much, but I do love food and shows. Plus, I've got family there that I haven't seen in awhile.

I think Austin would also have to be on my list of places to go, though I admit that I'd much rather be there around the time of SXSW. I've heard lots about Austin, especially the weirdness. I'd probably fit right in.

I'd love to swing by Chicago and maybe have lunch with old schoolmates. I hear one of them's getting his PhD real soon. Giving him a congrats in person would be nice. Ooh and I hear 20x2's gonna be in Chicago on the 17th (http://20x2.org/).

NY is a must. I'd love to hang out with the people at New Work City (http://www.nwcny.com/). The startup culture in NY is booming, plus how can a foodie not visit NY? Fette Sau anyone? Luke's Lobster? I'm there.

I'd also Have to head to DC and hang out with family and friends I haven't seen in 1-2 years since I've moved to the west coast. I know I'd hit up Hank's in DuPont and take advantage of Seacatch's $1 Oyster Happy Hour in Georgetown. And maybe I'll even be the good sister and help my youngest sister w/ her homework. She's a senior in HS now and this makes me feel...old. :)

If there's time, I'd wanna check out Boston to see what all the hubbub is about. I've never been, but I hear startups and tech are big there too. I'd also love to spend some time outside of the country, but I'd have to go w/ people the know the language. All I have is "Lo siento" and "Donde esta el sanitario" (jk..Encino man, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)

The whole time I'd love to try to tackle the many food guides on Foodspotting.com. Maybe I can hit up all the spots on the Anthony Bourdain's Foodspotting No Reservations food guides (http://www.foodspotting.com/noreservations).

You know what? I haven't had a REAL vacation since I moved out west...and I've never flown a kite. It's time to live a little.

Colombia, without a doubt.

I might just fly back and forth to Bogota. If I needed variety I'd add Barbados, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Austin & San Diego. And probably Saint Lucia, just for good measure. They should really offer an annual pass.

Where the wind takes me!

I'd like to start someplace warm and beautiful to regenerate. From there I am inspired to see some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the US, and to enjoy the food and culture that our cities have to offer! New Orleans, Austin, Vegas, New York, Seattle. Oh, it's going to be a wonderful month!


I just graduated college from Michigan State and am unable to find a job and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to travel and perhaps find a permanent city to live in, unfortunately I was about 20 minutes too late to buy a pass. I had already talked to friends from college and had planned a trip and had places to stay, starting in Austin and then going to Phoenix, Las Vegas, LA area, Portland, NYC, DC, Boston, Raleigh, Miami, either Jamaica or Saint Lucia, Chicago, then taking a train to East Lansing to catch the Michigan State vs Wisconsin football game. I am still trying to find a way to do this but the Sun Country airlines was too limited being based in Minneapolis. The All You Can Jet pass seemed like an amazing opportunity to travel and I regret not buying it on Wednesday and would love an opportunity to still do it.

Bogota and then beyond!

I would start off visiting the furthest destination JetBlue serves. Bogota would be a completely new experience and the very idea makes my heart beat faster. I'd also make a point of visiting San José. Costa Rica has been near the top of my travel list for years; I love their dedication to the environment and the strides they've made to preserve all the incredible land they have. I'd also enjoy visiting my old hometown of Seattle; I haven't seen my mother in over four years! I'd finish my trip at my favorite place; St. Maarten. Planespotting from Maho beach is one of my all-time best memories and I'd love to do it again!

Do I have to decide now?

That's the beauty of the AYCJ-7, pick up and go where ever, whenever. But I can think of a couple destinations right now (San Fran, Cancun, Seattle, Chicago....)

I want to win!

This story is my favorite story ever on jaunted.com. When I win I will jet to the airport.

I'd go to ...

Aruba! But also New York, LA, and Chicago.


I will follow Team Dempsey in the ALMS racing season if I win. Cool giveaway!

Discovering America

I would love to win this pass! I am planning on taking a vacation in September... :) I would take the opportunity to visit that vast and amazing land of the United States. I'm Canadian and yet I haven't had the chance to go to the places I want to go, like Washington, Miami, San Francisco, Austin, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas... I might even throw in a little piece of heavenly Carribean! That would be one hell of a trip!

Job Hunting!

I relocated to the Long Beach Area from NYC a little over two years ago, RIGHT BEFORE the economy nose-dived into the crapper. I'm working but only 3 days a week, mostly on weekends. I'd use the ticket to head up to the Bay Area, where my family is, and back to NYC every chance I got. It'd give me a chance to more than triple the number of places I'm readily available to interview for that great full-time job I'm sure is out there... somewhere. When I wasn't busy heading either of those two destinations, I'd love to be able to go visit my good friend who just relocated to Portland from Long Island or take my first ever trip to the Caribbean. In fact with the job market as bleak as it is, I've been toying with the idea of joining the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and the pass would give me a chance to see first hand what I'd be getting myself into! Fingers crossed, Matt

Friends, Food & Wine

Do to having traveled extensively in the wine & spirits industry, I am fortunate to have great friends & favorite restaurants throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, and from the East Coast to the Left Coast. All need to be revisited!

Vegas Baby!

Would love to hop back and forth to Vegas a couple of times a week and I'm bummed I missed out on the AYCJ pass when it was available.


I can't wait to be "jetblue" away across America and write a blog about it.

Happy Birthday to me!!

This is awesome! A different city everyday (that I can get off work that is!!). Oh, the possibilities...so many places, so little time.

Up, down, all around

I think a bit of New York to Fort Lauderdale to Austin to Long Beach to Boston to New York is very much in order, thankyaverymuch! Hooray for Jet Blue.

JetBlue Pass

I would like to visit mom in West Palm Beach

Eat, Drink, Photos, Fund Raise & Gloating

I'm a expat entrepreneur that's been living in Asia for the past 3 years and returning home Thursday to try to raise a new Angel Round of investment. So I would take advantage of it work wise and go from San Francisco Bay Area to LA to Chicago, to NY to Boston to do pitches to investors in those markets. But the thing I miss most about being away from the States is Food, so along with all those mentioned cities I'd grub like no other. I'd add in Vegas for a 2 night bender & Ft. Launderdale for some stone crab and late night partying and than head over to San Juan for the beaches. And I'd take a few Lomo cameras so I take some cool pictures and upload it Tumblr, Facebook, Yelp and all the other social media sites to make my friends wish they were with me and hopefully convince them to try to fly last minute and join me!

Jet Pass Baby!

Jet Pass me pleaseeeee..... -i'd put it to good use; as a graduating college kid of the Great Recession, i'd use my time wisely and see if I could travel to every single pitstop available in the alloted time. Not possible? Try me. I'll document it, and post pictures of me dancing in front of every landmark. Hopefully that will lead to a full-time job instead.


My boys r in middle & highschool now & hubby can manage- I however, am packing my bag to visit Calif! I hear they don't have a black coast like FL!


If I could, I would definitely love to see the East Coast States during this time of year. I hear its beautiful

Auburn visits Auburn

My name is Auburn, I grew up near a city called Auburn, and throughout my life have discovered that there are tons Auburns around the country. I would use the Jet Blue pass to see as many as possible:
  • Stop in Auburn, WA to get to Sea/Tac airport
  • to Sacramento to visit to Auburn, CA
  • through NYC/JFK to Portland, ME see Auburn, ME
  • Back through JFK to Syracuse to see Auburn, NY
  • Syracuse to Chicago and drive over to Auburn, IN
  • Finally back through Chicago to New Orleans to get to Auburn, AL for an Auburn University football game on Oct 2nd against Louisiana-Monroe (I've always wanted to sit in a stadium where everyone is cheering your name)

Let's Go Auburn!


Id go places I have never been. Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas and pull all nighters.

photgraphy trip!

I've been dying to spend a week in the desert taking pictures. Phoenix here I come!

The Month Of My Life

I do not travel nearly as much as I'd like to, so I would cash in my remaining vacation time from work, pack a carry-on duffle bag, and fly to as many of the destinations on that map above as physically possible in the 30 days alotted. I am in the NYC area, so I would have tons of flexibility when scheduling my departing flight to kick off the trip. Also, I studied journalism in college, work in travel PR now, and would love to blog about my trip. My iPhone and iPad would be my essential tools, and I would utilize them for just about everything from booking flights to finding local restaurants. Food is one of my passions and you can bet my trip would be like an episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on steroids.

JetBlue, take me away!

BTV to JFK to IAD to RIC to FLL to NAS to SJU to SDQ to FLL to CUN to FLL to AUS to SFO to LGB to PDX to JFK to PWM ...

Win an All You Can Jet Pass from JetBlue and Jaunt

My daughter bought the $500 a month special from Jet Blue. Her friend who bought ticket with her got the job offer that "she cannot refuse". Now she cannot go. Now my daughter feels sad and has resigned herself to the idea she will have to go alone! She is very young and amazingly beautiful! I am terrified! The places she planned to go were: Barbados, Costa Rica and Bermuda. My daughter is the original California girl born in LA. I'm from Europe and never been to Carrabians, however my daughter's father is from Carrabians. This will be my daughter's first visit to the islands. For me winning this Jet Blue ticket will mean the opportunity to accompany her on her discovery travel.


Doom and gloom of another british summer means that I would fly to the US and then use the pass to travel all around the USA!!!

Win an All You Can Jet Pass from JetBlue and Jaunt

My daughter bought $500 month pass together with her girlfriend. Now her girlfriend got job offer "she cannot refuse". My daughter is sad and resigned herself to the idea that she must travel alone. She is very young and amazingly beautiful. I am terrified! Places they were going to travel were: Barbados, Costa Rica and Bermuda. My daughter is the original California girl born in LA, but I am from Europe and never have been to Caribbean. My daughter's "baby daddy" however is from the Caribbean. This is my daughter's very first trip to The Islands. Winning this ticket will mean to us the opportunity for mother/daughter family journey.

need to feed my travel bug.

I live in NYC and due to a jam-packed schedule, have not taken a proper summer vacation which I'm realizing is not the best idea for a travel bug like me... so if I were to win the pass my first stop would be the Caribbean - I've always wanted to go to St Maarten so I would spend at least a week beach-hopping between the Dutch and French sides of the island. I would follow the beach by seeing old friends in SF, jetting to LA for a few days under the palm trees, then would head down to Costa Rica for some monkey watching. At this point I'll probably need a few days back in NYC then would fly down to Austin, TX just in time for the Austin City Limits festival! Or maybe I'd just spend the whole month in Colombia which is next on my list of South American destinations.

Jaunted US Tour Please!

After nearly a year of unemployment, I got a job! But, it starts in October. So... until then, I'd go on a whirlwind, cross-country tour of meeting friends, family and well, new folks! As a young filmmaker, I'm eager to document the whole trip for Jaunted's use. While unemployed, travel was impossible, so I've got a lot of ground to cover. I'd make great use of my time as I would be sure to travel from LA to San Francisco, Chicago, NYC and Boston. Then I'd try and fit in Austin, New Orleans and everywhere else I can fit in - Also, my birthday is in the end of September, so I'll have to figure something out for that. Then, I'd happily fly back to LA, edit down my video, photos, etc. and begin work!

Ode to All You Can Jet

All the way to Austin, for the first stop
Bounce to Boston, check out the sox
Cruise over to Columbia, Bogata has it all
Denver's mountains are lovely in the fall
Especially the view at 30,000 feet
Fly to Florida, disney is a treat
Get back on a plane, still feeling merry
Head to Hyannis, pick up the ferry
Island time, east coast style
Jamaica sounds nice for a little while
Kick around Kingston, sip red stripe beer
Life in Las Vegas, hoping to wake up here
More adventures by the coast
New Orleans, the place i'd like to visit most
Over to Oakland, check out the scene
Pick up to Portland, full of evergreen
Quite an adventurous trip it'll be
Ride to Raleigh/Durham, bball from duke and unc
Stay in San Francisco, eat burritos for days
Touch down in Tampa, soak up more rays
Until its almost time to head home
Vacation is ending, but still want to roam
Wishing to see the prez in Washington
Xcited and this month has been so much fun
Yes, All-You-Can-Jet is best when its free
Zzzz, last flight, snooze my way back to NYC

Interviews! Conventions! Excitement! Oh my!

I am launching a blog to celebrate women who are daring enough to try to change the world or carve out a place for themselves in it, we're going to explore careers, passions and inspiration and to treat the women who start careers and projects as the rockstars that they are. I have poured every penny of my savings into the things needed for the blog, camera equipment, web design, software, hosting etc. So I would use this AYCJ pass to travel the country interviewing women I couldn't easily interview otherwise. I'd make my way over to the Bay to try and sit down with an Alice Waters to talk about her slow food movement and teaching gardens, or maybe Kamala Harris about being SF's DA. NYC to interview Roopal Patel about the business side of fashion or DJ Rekha about spinning bhangra beats. Austin, TX because every woman has a story there, doulas, beer brewers, military women, the list goes on...and they're everywhere. I would also go to every single women's event I could identify and reach out to even more fascinating women. Every single day that that pass is valid I would identify the best place to be and I would go there. I know my answer doesn't rhyme, it isn't cute or clever, but my mission is clear, and apparently you may be able to get me there! Thanks Jaunted!


i would fly to each location at least once!

Family on the East coast!

Since all my relatives lives on the East Coast, I would take my 2 year old son and fly from LA to either JFK, Boston, or DC to visit my family every other weekend so that he can get to know his extended family.

Off to NYC & Boston

I'd work around school obligations and head off to New York and Boston, two of my favorite cities on the East Coast. The possibilities to connect from there would be endless, but the question is: could I go to the west coast without missing too much school? I'd find a way! Jetting is life!

East Coast Trip

I would fly out to visit my parents in NY and fly up and down the East Coast visting friends I haven't seen in a while.

Another East Coaster

Yet another East Coaster wanting to fly home now and again. Not only to care for my ailing parents but occasionally for a break on my favorite island - St. Thomas. What a fantastic opportunity this will be for one lucky winner!


it would be a great adventure to visit all of the places i haven't been yet, mostly west coast and southwest, since i am based in nyc. portland, san francisco, phoenix, denver to start. and maybe warm up on a beach somewhere!


I still haven't figured out how I'm getting home to Upstate NY from San Francisco after spending a season on the road as a trek leader living in a van. Then I'd be off to see my friends and coworkers who are scattered about the country.

Round the Country in 30 days

I would start in Seattle, work my way down the west coast to the southwest - then over to Floida & work my way up the East Coast ending in Portland, ME for some Lobster...

Wedding Season

I have been summoned for a number of weddings in the upcoming months. I would spend my time ferrying between NOLA and NYC and Boston and also find some time to say hit to a friend in Orlando and get some Augardiente in Bogota.

Family and fun from Folsom to Florida

I'd start in Sacramento to visit friends and family there and do some partying in San Francisco, take my daughter to Austin to meet the uncle she has never met, then head east for museums, history, nightlife, etc., then south again to Florida for beaches, sunsets, etc.


I'd take this free pass for all it was worth: I'd head to Bogota to visit my boyfriend's family, to California to visit mine, and then take off with some friends to St. Lucia or PR and do some diving.

A week of flying

I would load up my extra large LL Bean zip-up tote bag with some random clothes and my iPad, and then I would go to the airport and get on a flight, and just go wherever it took me. I would do the same at JetBlue airports around the country, and literally experience the meaning of "going where the wind takes you!"

Run over the Caribbean

I would start at the Caribbean and end up in San Francisco with T-shirts from each country I've been in with a Jaunted sticker on my suitcase.

Climate hopping

I'd fly to San Francisco, Puerto Rico, NY, Austin and keep on going for as long as the pass was valid!

Where would I go If i had a jet pass

OMG! where wouldnt I go....This pass would allow me to finally meet my siblings I have found on FACE BOOK. I was able to find 6 of my siblings through FACE BOOK. They live in London, Memphis, Omaha, Kansas, Alabama, and Barbados. I would also meet his last living sister whom lives in London.

Fall in love

I'd jet myself around in the hopes of falling in love -- with the cities I'd visit, with the people I'd meet, with the breezy righteousness of my own independence. I'd fall in love with transience, and learn to savor experience instead of possession.

All you can jet!

I'd go NY and Florida to visit relatives and family. And then maybe San Fran and other cities in the US that I've never been to before.

I want to jet!

I would head straight to St. Lucia because, man, could I use a tropical vacation!

I would land

wherever the dart does!


I would go to JFK, Bogota, New Orleans, Portland...Id probably go everywhere possible!!!

wanna jet with pops

After getting my dad a pass I had to take care of a situation. It only took an hour so when I went to purchase mine it was sold out . I was so bummed out. If I get a pass I would take my dad to see Roger waters in Chicago my sister in Florida,get as close to Nashville then drive to see my other sister, family in NY, and any where else we could go. definitely chase some concerts. check out coasta rica .I would have a blast with my dad.

Please give a brotha a pass

I'd hit up NYC & Florida and anywhere else I felt like going.

Jetting JetBlue

Definitely want to jet to the Caribbean!! I've never flown JetBlue before, I want to jet JetBlue.

Rapid life changes

I was laid off 18 months ago and have been searching for a new job in my field since then. I have finally found one, in So Cal, that will require me to start in late-September, which means that I will be making several trips cross-country over the next two months. Having been unemployed this long, I'm broke, and this move will be a huge financial strain. This AYCJ pass would help me tremendously as I make this move to a new job and a new life in a new city!

jet blue

I sure would like to figure out a way to take off a month and use the free pass.

The Flying JB Life

Florida and Puerto Rico-Cuba? Trying for a tan-minimum melanin body. Need the exposure.

I'm Everywhere, You're Never There

I would take the opportunity to travel to the few American cities I've never been to - Oakland, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Then I'd head down to Jamaica to check out friends there. I'd do a few day trips - something I always thought would be fun to do via airplane - to Ft. Lauderdale, then head down to Santo Domingo for some fun in the sun. I'd basically be working on the road the whole time so I'd try, given the limited time available to do as many cities as I could with the exception of NYC cause that's already easy to get to from Philly. Friend and family from coast to coast can expect me to drop by. Since I have family and or friends in Boston, Chicago, D.C., Richmond, Charlotte, New Orleans, Austin and Orlando, you can all expect a visit. See ya soon!

Well... everywhere!

I'd start with Bogota. After I'd bounce around between Orlando and the Caribbean destinations for a while. Finish off the month with west coast domestic travel and see the cities I've never been to. One full month of travel!


I would use this to complete the College Roommate Tour 2010; bouncing around from old roomie to old roomie now that we have all scattered ourselves around the US. My feet would hardly hit the ground!

A Month Long Odyssey

DC to Aruba (3 days) Aruba to Bogota (3 days) Bogota to San José- (3 days) San José to Kingston (3 days) Kingston to Santo Domingo (3 days) Santo Domingo to San Juan (3 days) San Juan to New Orleans (3 days) (to do some family research) New Orleans to Denver (4 days) (to see some old friends) Denver to Seattle (2 days) (to see some old friends) Seattle to Los Angeles (I would stay there visiting friends for the remainder of the time or until I got tired of being in L.A.)

I would treat the trip as an exploration of new places and old friends by trying to visit as many places as possible. Then at the end I would return to a place I called home for six years. It would be a beautiful odyssey of new adventures filled with new and old faces.

Todos los países hispanohablantes

I'd go everywhere Spanish-speaking in jetBlue's network to polish my language skills!

friends & family: coast to coast!

100% vacation, 100% of the time.
I just left my job and if I win: I will visit Romie + Brian in LA; Becca in Seattle; Libby, Amanda, Brian + Megan and their little one in Austin; the folks in Houston, North Carolina to see Heather + Thom; New York to see Amy, Diego, Lisa, et all; Jacksonville to see Bill; and then I'll visit Bermuda, just for me.

Bermuda, Bahamas Jaunted Rocks!

Ok, obviously I'd go to Bermuda, Bahamas, I'd also check out the Dutch/French island of St Maarten, Aruba, DC, Boston, NY, LA, Seattle, San Jose & Vegas :-)

The Emerald City

Like Dorothy said, "there's no place like home." I was fortunate to call Seattle home from 1999 to 2001. And I've never been back. Oh how I miss the salmon, coffee, beer, wine and vibe of what I consider one of the greatest cities in the country. That's where I'd go!

California, Maine...

...and everything in between.

Just joined the unmployed crowd... Why not Enjoy?

Just joined the unmployed crowd... Why not enjoy the time off?

Jet Blue Baby!

I would take full advantage and go to as many NFL games as possible with a few MLB games in between

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

I'm an artist (a starving one - only 2% of artists aren't "starving"). I'd go to NO and the Gulf and draw my way through the journey especially drawing the people and having them tell their stories so that people can associate a real person with the stories we all have heard so much. Then there's europe and getting back to Pantelleria where a widow and her daughters cared for me so many years ago. Children have been born, daughters married, etc. and I have missed all of this. Does Jet Blue go to Mars? Sign me up.

Going the Distance

I'm currently in a cross country, long distance relationship between DC and Las Vegas because of job opportunities and I only get to see my boyfriend of over five years every couple of months because airfare is so expensive. I would definitely use the pass to go and visit him and our dog as often as possible!


I'd spend a week in Europe. Probably Spain, Portugal and Holland.

west coast

I've lived on the east coast all my life, so my first stop would be to the west coast! After that, maybe Austin, and some Florida time :-)


I would fly to Del Rio, Texas to visit dear Russian friends I knew from my time in Moscow.


Haven't been to the Caribbean in many years and I've never been to Barbados. I hear it's gorgeous and I'm in the mood for some sand between my toes :^)

Empty Nest

I'm ready to go with an empty nest now! I'd fly to New York, to Portland and to West Palm. Hope I winnnnnn!

Bahama Mamma

Since moving to Miami earlier this year, I haven't been able to take advantage of being so close to the Caribbean and would love to spend my weekends with my new hubby on a hammock by the crystal clear ocean.

Headed to NYC

Or Aruba. Now that I think about it - both!

Blog the World

I would blog the world and Jet Blue's Greatness!!

anywhere and everywhere

...starting with visiting a friend in Seattle :)

Jet Blue

Love Jet Blue...they know how to do it! Would love to win this travel pass and venture to places we haven't been yet.

Missing my Family

With my immediate family split between JetBlue gateways Seattle, Boston, Charlotte and New York I would definitely take the opportunity to have some quality family time. Once they are out of the way, it's down to the Caribbean!

Where I Would Go

This is my one shot to see/do as much as I can, Jaunted, here is the plan: Because New York is my home base, I am definitely used to traveling at a fast pace I would first enjoy a weekend in West Palm Beach, A place that I've always wanted to see but has never quite been in reach. I would spend four nights in Aruba and enjoy the sun, I would sit on the beach and get all my reading done. I would ride my bicycle in Bogota and see Botero's art, Then I would go to San Francisco and ride the BART. My college roommate just moved to Denver after living with me for years, I would surprise her with a visit and send everyone we know souvenirs. I would go to New Orleans to try to the food, And then fly to Austin just because I am in the mood. And if (fingers and toes crossed) I can squeeze it in, I would fly to Las Vegas for the win.

eating my way across the USA

i just started a food blog, and i've always wanted to incorporate some travel into it. fear of flying has always hindered my traveling, but i know if i had this pass, i could be brave and live my dream.

Don't punish my hubby just because I am a moron

So here's my tale of woe. You know how it usually works out that hot people marry other hot people, and geniuses marry other genii, and kind, caring people with amazing personalities marry other kind caring people with even more amazing personalities? Yeah, so I really lucked out in life. My husband is the most brilliant, charismatic, hottest man on earth, and I'm, well, sort of a moron. My brilliant husband runs a landscape and urban design business and last year he used the AYCJ pass to drum up new projects in Boston, Florida, Colombia, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. All the new business could not have come at a better time, since back then I was bald, out of work, and racking up piles of medical bills -- I'm a cancer survivor. So this year I told him I was buying him an AYCJ pass for his birthday and went ahead and booked it. WELL. That day he was on a JetBlue flight returning from one of his projects in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile JetBlue was trying to call him to tell him my credit card had been declined (I used my debit card, which is linked to my bank account, which I neglected to remember is set to auto-pay my student loans every month, which came crashing through my account at the very same moment I was trying to magnanimously launch him into the AYCJ business- and pleasure-trip of his dreams). By the time he landed and called JetBlue to reinstate the pass, he was told it was too late. (BTW, JetBlue people, if you are reading this, c'mon, that is so totally not fair! But I digress.) Bottom line: the guy is hot. He's smart. He gets it done and makes everyone around him feel like they're the bomb. Trust me, if you met him, you'd instantly hand over your wallet AND feel like he's been your best friend since birth. He stuck by his wife through sickness and health just like he said he would, and he's sticking by me even though I probably just cost him the next year's worth of new business and a much-deserved surf trip. Don't punish the man for being a fool for love! Let him jet all he can. He'll make us all proud.


A visit to family on the west coast.

30 Breweries in 30 Days

I'd like to visit at least 30 U.S. breweries in 30 days. I think that's my goal. Why not? Thanks, Jaunted! [keeping my fingers crossed]

Oh the places you won't go...

Midweek, I was woken by what I like to believe was a mystical vision: JetBlue Airways was having a sale and I simply needed to be one of its benefactors. To this very moment I don't know how this golden nugget of information pervaded my conscience. As a Canadian, the discreet sale most certainly did not make its way over the border. But I wasn't inclined to play detective, I simply wanted, needed and had to get these passes. As I drove to work that fateful morning, I fantasized about the ways I would use my 30 days of unlimited flight time: a late night show on Broadway, a jackpot in Vegas, sandcastles in South Beach, a Latin lover in Bogota.... Heck! At this rate and at this price, I would take one in each city. I arrived to work with a list of names of imaginary paramours to reveal to my colleague Peter. Immediately, he begged to partake in my adventures. I conceded. After all, I needed a `wingman' to help me seduce my harem of Latin lovers. So, together, he and I visited the airline's website and gasped with excitement at the prospect of our travels. We considered all the possible loopholes characteristic of such promotions, yet we could not find a single one. JetBlue was in fact selling passes permitting unlimited travel throughout the US and the Caribbean at a flat rate of $499.99 for an entire month! The price was laughable, yet certain circumstances kept us skeptical. Were we ready to drive two hours to the closest airport serviced by JetBlue? Were we ready to endure long, invasive lines at the airport and contort into yoga-esque positions in our designated seats simply to see the world? Did we even have vacation days that would permit this fantasy? The answer to all those questions was a resounding yes! But we still hesitated... I had to consult with the men in my life first: my father, my brother, my boyfriend, my trainer, the valet I sometimes `forget' to tip... and Peter had his own list of considerations. The next day, we reconvened and concluded that we would buy the passes. After more procrastination and an executive lunch peppered with talk of our forthcoming travels; we were finally hovering over my computer, armed with credit cards, ready to take on America the beautiful, when a message popped up on the screen announcing all passes were sold out. Riddled with disappointment, but mostly disgust at the fact that a delay of 33 minutes had played the deciding role in my glorious getaway, I drove over to my father's office to rant, rave and admonish him for not encouraging me aggressively enough to buy the passes (knowing quite well, who was to blame - Peter, of course!). As I proceeded out of my car, I was met by a very angry, snarling thug. He followed me to my father's office, and past the glass doors. He weaved through clients, alarming them with his profanity and as he rolled up his sleeves and became increasingly agitated, panic swept over me. It was not clear how this would turn out, but if he was a man of his word, I didn't want to find out. I waited to be out of his line of vision to sneak out the exit; and with trembling hands, I dialed for assistance. Before even being connected, this hooligan made his way out and disappeared into the night as quickly as he appeared. Over lunch the next day, I regaled Peter with the details of this heroic tale and was rudely disrupted by his girlish shriek. "Harvey Keitel, 3 o'clock" he fake whispered. Hardly amused by his interruption, I continued my story meticulously tending to each aspect to recreate the intensity and suspense of the situation, but he was already entranced by the septuagenarian actor. "He's looking for a Daphne" he reported. I glanced over and dismissed the star sighting. I explained that the outdated phone and bizarre choice of footwear indicated that the man he was stalking was not of Pulp Fiction fame. We finished lunch quickly as Peter whined about another lost opportunity and spotted Mr. Keitel, once again, standing across the street. To muzzle my colleague's complaints, I prepared to approach the man for a photo, regardless of his star or citizen status. Just as we were decided on a pose, the man's wife joined him with a young boy. They entered a car and were gone. A crestfallen expression crept on to Peter's face for the second time in 24 hours. I consoled him with a guarantee that we had not been in the presence of the Hollywood icon. A quick Wikipedia search proved me wrong. Harvey Keitel was in fact married to one of our compatriots. Her name was Daphna. They were in town for the weekend. Two lost opportunities and a near-death experience later, I realized the universe was giving me a pep talk. Carpe diem, it shouted. It was time for me to seize the day; cast away all my doubts and put my procrastination on hold. Life was meant for living and daring, not for calculating and questioning. I would start now... and "Would I succeed? Yes, I would indeed. (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.)" Oh the places I would have gone with JetBlue's AYCJ passes...

"I'm not an adventurer by choice...

"I am not an adventurer by choice, but by fate" Adventures are waiting for me, I need to go !!!"

Love Blue

I always flight with JetBlue, I haven't been anywhere in last 12 months... I work 7 days a week and have all my sick days and vacations ready to use! I would love to jet away!

I'd use it to see family

..and then take a nice break from them somewhere in the Caribbean

Going Going back Back to Cali Cali Cali

I absolutely NEEED this AYCJ Pass! I just recently moved to PA from California (why, you ask? :P) I need my Cali fix, plus I gotta go back and visit all my fams in the Bay Area!

I really want to see my friends

in Long Beach, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Miami, and Bogota. Thanks.

Wherever the wind takes me

I see that there's a lot of groups of random people getting together in places all over the Caribbean. Since I work from home I'd visit as many islands as possible while hanging out with any other Jetters who are game.

Jet Blue

If I were to win, I would go wherever I could go. It would be such an adventure to just be able to go. Anyplace!

To find my lost love!!

I would love to be able to travel and possibly catch up with a lost love that is now living in the Midwest.

Would I quit my job?

Perhaps I would just burn my entire year's vacation in one month. Starting in Seattle, it would be baseball in NYC and Boston, visit family and friends in Pittsburgh, take the girlfriend to Vegas for her birthday and find a little more me-time in Costa Rica, Peru and the Caribbean. I'd be happy to guest-blog ;-)

Vacation Time

I'll be heading south to Ft Lauderdale!


I LOVE JETBLUE!!! and my best friend moved out of state and I would love to visit them every chance I get! I have tons of friends in different places, and most of them are the best friends I could have! I wish I could have made it to my friend's son's first birthday in Florida last weekend, and I would have been able to had I been able to afford this pass! I think its a great way to visit every one that I miss so dearly!!! I would love to win this pass! :)


I love you Jaunted, and I love you JetBlue!! Where would I fly? Back East to see family, and then definitely a sidetrip to the Caribbean! Bring it on!!

Anywhere I can jet!

JFK would become my 2nd home jetting to FLA, Santiago, DR, Cali, Puesrto Rico! Oh the places I would go!!


Any and everywhere that I could book, three days then hop for a month.

My AYCJ - Austin to anywhere!

I would use the AYCJ to visit friends that I have spread out all over the country, get some much needed R&R from work, and to finally get a stamp on my passport! I also wouldn't mind catching a couple of concerts in some fun, out of town locations (U2!). Thanks!

As many places I can!

I would try to cram in as many places as i possible could! Great opportunity to visit cities that may not otherwise be top travel priorities. You never know what you'll discover!!

go west, young lady, go west

All points west are calling my name - Seattle, San Francisco, PDX and LAX.

Just got Laid Off...

Hey I wanted to buy one myself and then I get laid off and found that they sold out. I would go around and see all my friends. After college everyone moved to different parts of the country and I would go visit everyone and fully use it. I don't have a job now so that wouldn't be a problem and I'll use it as a new kind of awakening for me to set out on a new career somewhere else. I'd love to win! Thanks!


honestly, id fly to as many places as i could! definitely the islands!

Visit Home & More

In school in Boston, would love to be able to visit home across the country for a weekend without too much thought.

I wanna Jet!!!

If I won, I would take a much needed vacation somewhere on the beach, go home to LA for a weekend, visit friends in SFO and maybe take a day trip to Boston.

No Job,

I would have a tone of time to travel. I would love to win. Las Vegas first.


I'd visit her every weekend...

In Need Of some R&R

I dont care where i go, I just need a vacation anywhere but home!!

Bogota, you say...

I'm certain I could put the AYCJ pass to good use. ;)

Two AYCJ Passes

I would love to win the two All You Can Jet Passes from Jet Blue. I would go to New York City, since I have never been there. Then I would love to visit friends in GA, Seattle, OK, CO and KY! Can I squeeze all that in and still work full-time - YOU BET I WILL!! Pick me - Pick me!!

I want it!

I wanna travel around and hang out with my peeps around the country. PICK MEEEEEE!


I recently had to make a really quick move (one weeks notice) from the east coast to the west coast, and I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to any of my friends or tie up my loose ends. I would use the AYCJ pass to return to the east coast to say my goodbyes, and also to visit my sister who I don't get to see very often down in Texas!

Pacific Northwest, here we come!

Tired of this summer heat. Perfect time of year to head to Oregon, Washington, etc. Of course, there's always Costa Rica. It's always the perfect time of year to go there. But heck, I'd have two AYCJ passes. So now that I think about it, BOTH PLACES. And then a couple more!

Getting into Adventures

My 2010 motto can be summed up into one of my favorite scenes from Pulp Fiction, "I'm gonna walk the earth, meet new people and get into adventures." And that is what I will continue to as the winner of the AYCJ-7 pass. Earlier this year I started a 30 by 30 challenge -- 30 countries by the time I'm 30. With only a year and a half and 20 countries to go, I would use this pass to get me closer to my goal and chronicle my adventures on my blog. Columbia, Costa Rica, Bermuda and Aruba are at the top of the list. I would also return for a quick trip to Jamaica to visit some dear friends. I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move. -Robert Louis Stevenson ADT


I'd spend the month jetting around the country visiting friends!

AYCJ Pass wanted!

I procrastinated and, when went to buy the 5-day via FB I was 8 minutes too late. I wanna go!


EWR->TPA, as much as I can to see the family!

What would I do with this pass??

I would take my time exploring all the different places Jet Blue could take me but the first stop would to be to visit my Dad, as I have not been able to afford to fly to see him in about 2 years. ;>( Then I would see where Jet Blue & my time share would let me go!


I'd try and hop on a plane to a different city each time for happy hour drinks & dinner.

Jet Blue

I would "all you can jet," all I could jet!


I'd definitely go to Seattle first to visit my friend who has been in the ICU for a week now after falling from a 3rd story balcony. :( After that, Portland and Phoenix and LA and DC to visit friends I haven't seen in forever... but most importantly Seattle.


here I come!


I would definantly try and hit every US airport that jetBlue services!!! City hop as fast as I can but still spend a brief time in each one. Would be an amazing experience!


I would visit Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, and Denver.


san jose, nyc, san juan, austin, portland... etc...

count me in

check peace out!

I'd travel to...

definitely start with a trip to the Caribbean to soak up some rays. Then hit the cities JetBlue flies directly to from DC. Get to Boston to visit college friends and fly out to the West Coast as well. This would be perfect timing since my job doesn't start for another month!


I'd definately hit up LA and hang with my parents/ friends, but Vegas, NYC, New Orleans...they're all on the agenda.

Seatbelt is fastened

Chicago, New York , San Fran, Seattle Boston ITS ON!!

Jet Blue

Just got my passport renewed. I'd be exploring some islands I've not been to yet.

All You Can Jet Pass for a Connected Traveler!

As the editor of PCMag's Connected Traveler section (http://www.pcmag.com/connected-traveler/), there's no where I wouldn't go! But my first picks would be Seattle, LA, SF, the islands, + Colombia!

Facebook is fine, but real time/space are the bomb

I want to rip open the digital scrim of my virtual social life and experience my destinations in their full, sensual glory. I want to hear the splash of corduroy waves in Costa Rica and the echoes of voices in a huge, old, blackened steel mill in Pittsburgh; to bathe my eyes in scarlet Vermont leaves and fill my lungs with salty Chesapeake Bay air. I want to break my heart over the flood ruins of New Orleans, and make my stomach purr with a rum cake in Nassau. I want to exhaust my limbs climbing the vermillion cliffs of Utah and cool them in the sapphire waters of St. Maarten. And then I want to come home to Brooklyn and bury my face in my cat Rusty's belly fur. Mrow!

Ding...Please Fasten Your Seatbelt

Could finally visit the family again in NY (I live near CLT). Thanks Jaunted and jetBlue!

What I wouldn't do!

Have about a month off, this would be a super topic to blog about, next stop Colombia...

If allowed.....

I would give the two passes to my daughter and son-in-law who are the hardest working couple I've ever known and never get a break. They could visit his elderly grandmother (who couldn't come to the wedding) in Florida and maybe even get to go to some exotic beach! That would make me the happiest mom in the world!

#AYCJ alumni

I missed out this year, and I am very sad! I would go to Disneyland, Ohio, Washington DC...everywhere I have family to visit!

Are you kidding?

Where would I go? Everywhere they'll let me, I'll take a red-eye every night, sleep on the plane, get up and experience a new destination and write in my journal...."I've been traveling so long, how am I ever gonna know my home when I see it again? I'm like a black crow flyin....in a blue, blue sky".


In appreciation for all of you who are sponsoring this contest, I got you a free desert at Applebee's! Just go there and tell them it's your birthday to cash in. ;) Actually, I'm a girl with a boyfriend in England, a job in Australia, a family in the US, a quirky sense of humor, over-active wanderlust and almost no money, so I am sure I could make good use of the AYCJ pass!


i would most definitely head to Colombia


ME...PICK ME!!!!! I would be the best domestic traveler you ever seen (or at least heard of). Who knows...might even quit my job to do it and become a travel guru of some sort.

First Stop: Saint Maarten

Planespotting capital of the world. And then I'll visit some friends on the west coast, and throw in a few stops in between.

Pretty Sure I Would Go Everywhere

I'd first head to Chicago to see a friend I haven't seen in years. From there, visit the Big Apple since I never have before. Then it would be a straight out free for all! San Diego for some Gaslamp fun, Pittsburgh for a real cheese steak (and to weigh in on the Pat's vs. Geno's debate), Las Vegas for a nonstop party, and Montego Bay Jamaica for a relaxing, steel-drummed filled good time. Am I drooling at the thought of all this (including all you can eat Terra blue chips and the ability to see so many other great places?) Yes, yes I definitely am.

the world would be my oyster...

But I'd start by crossing the country to the heartbeat of our nation, NYC, for a little Fashion Week. Then I'd jaunt down South for some of the best college football in the nation. After a bourbon soaked SEC football game, I would refresh my mind & body with my feet in the sand. Surf lessons seem in order. Off to feed my mind and do some museum hopping. Destination determined by those with Fashion or Textile exhibits. Then quick stop back in San Francisco to share pics, stories and refresh my shoe wardrobe. Wash, rinse, repeat until my time is up!



East Coast and North West Coast

It's time to see some new sunrises and sunsets!


I want to win this so I can have the best honeymoon anyone's ever seen! Every weekend we could celebrate!


Corny and cliche, but they say home is where the heart is and I'd use it to visit my friends and family around the US.


I'd go everywhere! San Diego, Austin, Chicago, and Orlando to visit friends, San Francisco and New Orleans because I've always wanted to go, New York to see a show... and wherever else I feel like going, I'm sure.


san francisco, las vegas, and ft. lauderdale. not necessarily in that order. and maybe some chicago and an island if i find the time... p.s. lol @ the dude above me who thinks pat's/genos/cheesteaks are in PITTSBURGH. automatic disqualifcation!! ;P

I could really use it...

Currently looking for work and it could be key to helping me find a new job. I'm looking to relocate and could really use it to connect with people across the states. Ed

I would go to...

Denver to visit relatives, Vegas to party, Long beach to get some sun, and seattle to get some coffee


I am going to visit every person I've been SAYING I would visit since college, but for one reason or another it hasn't happened. 9 Years. Way too many memories missed. With this, there is NO EXCUSE. Happy AYCJ!

AYCJ Adventure!

I would leave from LA and start by spending a night in Vegas because it's by far my favorite vacation spot! Then I would go spend a few days visiting my good friends and family up in Seattle, then off to visit my family in Chicago, then off to Virginia to visit my online friends, then maybe a trip down to Washington DC to visit my cousin, then up to New York City to see a broadway show, then down to Florida for some fun in the sun!! It would be so cool and fun to see all these people I haven't seen in so long!


I will fly out to see my friends and family that I haven't seen in a long time... Fly , FLy, Fly

free time

I travel biz all the time. I would like to take some time for my family and would visit them around the US.

AYCJ pass

i would go see my new born nephew in DC then travel to see some friends and come back to cali for the birth of my newest niece... it would be a nice win considerin i dont have a job at the moment

Jetting to Austin

Id be going to Austin to visit BFF! :)

Places i've never been

I have never been to the East Coast. I would fly from San Francisco all the way to New York/JFK. From there, I would love to fly down to Florida, and enjoy the sun/women. Next up, I think I would like to go to Boston. Enjoy some local food. Chicago is also a place I would love to go. I would try to hit up most if not all airports on the pass. It would totally make my year!

Start at Maine...

I think I'd start at Maine (well, Boston, since PHX -> JFK or BOS only) and work my way down.

I would go everyplace south of florida

seriously I would. aruba, cancun, botogi. Especially santo dominingo as I have relatives there.

What I Would Do...

I would visit every Major League Baseball stadium!

i better win!

i'm going to go EVERYWHERE!

Love and Adventure

First I'd fly over to San Jose, CA. My boyfriend lives there. We've been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years now and we always fly Jetblue to see each other. Free trips would make it possible to see each other more than we planned. Surprise visits make for the best visits. Then I'd head south to LA to visit a friend who recently moved out there. From there, any major city I ever thought of visiting. It would be the best post-college graduation celebration of freedom and uncertainty ever. Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Phoenix. I have friends in almost every state. I'd spend a few days here and there. I'd abandon work for a month just for the adventure. I might get fired but it would be well worth it.

Where would I go?

NYC to see the many shows on Broadway or Hawaii perhaps to visit an old friend.

Sign Me Up

I'll pay the taxes and fees. I'd love to cruise around the islands...and beyond!

last trip

I would like to travel around before I move out of the country.


Must jet to anywhere but here. I need a vacation like it is my job and I get motion sick in cars, ha.

All you can jet! Let's go!

I would hit every city outside the US first! Starting with Bogota!!!!! Let's go Jetblue!


a new city every weekend. sometimes 2 new cities a weekend.


If I win the AYCJ pass i'd go everywhere that JetBlue flies. East Coast: NYC, Boston, Washington DC, etc. etc. So many place I want to go. I hope I win!!

All you can Jet

I would definitely go to Dominican Republic, NYC, PR, and LA! I hope I win. I love Jet Blue.

My tan is starting to fade!!!!

I would go where it is warm...the Caribean, Florida, Southern California. Maybe go see some family in the DC/Baltimore area and Denver. I would use every last vacation day I have left, and then some!

I can so see myself...

jetting to NYC and Boston, then heading out to Vegas, LA and Seattle. Mom's due for a vacation!!!


At least every Thursday while the AYCJ pass is valid - hoping to catch a concert in Terminal 5 at JFK! Returning via redeye - Jet Blue does a GREAT redeye flight.

I'd love this

If I win, I'd travel from Denver to go visit my family in New York, Boston, and Pittsburgh. I'd also use that month to find a job in other cities I'd like to live in. This JetBlue all you can fly is an amazing idea. I hope they do it more often. I'd certainly buy one or 2 months a year. Thanks for running this contest. I really hope I win. I could really use it. Thanks Jaunted!!


LA for an In-&-Out Burger

The possibilities are endless

As many places as I could! I loved the ten year anniversary $10 deals where I was able to have an amazing spring break. It's my last semester of college and I'd love to travel as much as I can on the weekends for fun to see friends and family. (I promise I won't skip class, hehe) I'll also be applying for jobs so the AYCJ would come in really handy for interviews.


i would go to orlando to see the magical world of harry potter! chicago, vegas, san diego and the DR! with my shades, duffle and blackberry in tow :)


Since I live near the main hub, I would try to visit as many of the major cities as I could during the entire month. Wouldn't be cool to go to Boston for lunch one day, DC the next for dinner, Vegas and San Francisco for a weekend trip all in one week? Next week it could be New Orleans for fun with friends, Chicago for the pizza and to investigate if they truly have better hot dogs than NY, and Seattle for coffee wars. The last weeks would be about figuring out which is better, Disneyland or Disneyworld - along with fun in the sun Bermuda, LA, Houston, Caribbean beaches. So many choices, so few days.

What I'd do

I just got a job in NY and I'll need to fly from SEA to NY several times to search for a house and move my family. It would be great to have this pass!

Pick me!!!

I'm a #aycj2009 vet. I flew to 11 cities in 23 days and spent less than $2k other than the pass. I'd love to do it again this year - pregnant and employed would be a lot different from my unemployed trip last year. Lol And of course I'd blog it again at feistync.wordpress.com. Hopefully there would be less time sleeping on the floor of T5 this time.

All You Can Jet

Santiago for a family reunion.

oakland/sf and chicago.

i would first go to oakland/sf to visit my pops. then to chicago to visit my motherly figure. i don't see them enough. and i could lie and tell them i paid for the flights.

Head West!

I would hop on that plane and head west-ward, to Chicago and then on to multiple cities in California, Seattle and Portland, OR are on the list, Austin, TX...Ohhh I'd go so many places!

wud love it

i'd cover as many states as i can

A way to see good friends

I love flying to NYC JFK airport. If I win the AYCJ-7 pass I will use it to fly back and forth to visit my friends there. Who I miss very much.

Where would I go with AYCJ?

I'd put Jet Blue's destinations in a hat and pick one at random for every weekend of the pass. Have transportation, will travel... anywhere! I can only imagine who I would meet and the variety of experiences I'd have. Hopefully, you'll pick me and I won't have to imagine!


I fly out of Boston Logan, so I'd go everywhere! Las Vegas, St Maarten, Aruba, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, maybe more. Getting one of these truly would be a dream for me. Thanks for this contest, and good luck to everyone else.


I'd be flying anywhere west of Pennsylvania, from NYC. I've never been until you hit Asia. lol.

I just want to have fun

It'd be nice if I had a perfect little story about how I needed to see the orphans I saved last year or how I'm yearning to go build a garden in an impoverished neighborhood (actually, I wouldn't mind doing that) but that's not why I want this pass. I want this pass because I want to have fun. I work for a start-up non-profit and I honestly haven't taken off any days this year and September would be my first break. In fact, I tried to buy the pass but was too late. So, Jaunted - help me have fun, drink some cocktails, and lie on some beaches. I would go to: Aruba, Barbados, Cancun, Montego Bay, Nassau, Punta Cana, and St. Lucia. Luckily I have friends or friends with families in all of those places so I'd be able to stay for virtually free. Score! If you'd like, I'd even send you, my newfound friends, some pictures. :)

Thanks for the chance!

I would visit friends in Los Angeles and then take a great big tour of the country. I found out about this contest via JetBlue's Twitter account; I think it would only be right for me to tweet about my adventures if I were to win!

ALL You Can Jet! You bet I can!

I go to college in Boston, but have 3 day weekends every weekend and would love to spend those fulfilling my travel fantasies! I would visit family in LA and Orlando, FINALLY get to Las Vegas, and finish up grabbing a tan in Bermuda :)

Surf Trip

I would follow swells from San Jose, Costa Rica to San Jose, California, and then I would celebrate scoring good waves by partying with all my friends on the East Coast!


I would visit all the cities that I have always wanted to see but have never had the time or money to fly to. San Francisco, CA to visit my aunts and see the Golden Gate Bridge; New Orleans, LA to experience southern hospitality (and see the Mississippi River!); Portland, ME for some fresh lobster!; Los Angeles & San Diego, CA to see the Dodgers, Angels, Padres, and my friends in SoCal; and Buffalo, NY to visit my best friend who is in medical school. This would be an amazing month!


This girl would head to NYC, Portland ME, and San Francisco for some family time and fun!

Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, & Funerals

I've been told that a person only needs to one black suit. It's perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and funerals.

One black suit is perfect for my travels:

Wedding: My friend's in New Orleans
Bar Mitzvah: My Cousin's in New York
Funeral: We'll, I've been dying to Bermuda!

got the traveling itch

NY, Boston, Portland, ME, Burlington, VT And that's just to start!

If I won....

I would like to fly to NC and put flowers on my Mothers grave, find my Brother's grave, do the same, then fly to CO, NV, NJ, NY, CA, OR, WA, FL, GA, KS to reconnect with old Coast Guard Buddies and see my disabled USMC Son. I haven't been home in 20 yrs. I haven't seen My Son since he came back from overseas 3 yrs ago. Keeping fingers crossed and prayers closer. Cathy Cross Fort Wayne, IN

Trip for Mom and Film Festival!

I would, first, take my mom on a WELL deserved vacation to Santa Barbara (neither of us have ever been to the west coast). Then I would travel to New York City to attend the NYC Film Festival where a documentary I worked on this summer will premiere. Since school started, I had to leave before the project was completed. Oh, and I would totes go to Italy for a weekend...I can't believe I just said "totes." I NEED TO GET OUT OF TALLAHASSEE!!!

Bags Packed

I get my heart back in Chicago I'd treat it right, right in Orlando We could sit in traffic, in busy LA We would happen to Vegas, but couldn't stay In Denver, she'd make me feel a mile high In Seattle, we wouldn't mind the rainy sky For one last quiet night, we'd head to Austin and bring our adventure home, home to Boston.


Trying to go to Boston, New York and LA

The Big Apple

As an Art History student it is vital that I soak up as much art, design, culture and ideas as possible. The prospect of winning this pass is significant! It will contribute to my success as a student and as a well informed human being.

Go West

I would see the West. Portland, LA, Salt Lake, Denver, and Phoenix. Thank you!

Disney World to Disneyland!

I would fly from BDL to MCO to Anaheim, CA!


If I win,Aruba will be my destination!!!


These are some of the location I would love to go so I can see friends I have not seeen in a long time

I want to win!!

Almost all my family and friends live states away from me. I would use this pass to make sure I'm able to visit them all in Ohio and NY as much as possible. This would be amazing!!! :)

AYCJ *~Rockstar Style~*

2010 really hasn't been a good year for me economically. I was laid off from an amazing hospitality sales job in January and my car was totaled in June by someone who fell asleep at the wheel and rear ended me. I've been car-less and job-less all summer, I've spent EVERY day looking for work. I've now realized, for the first time EVER I'm able to do what I want, when I want and I need to take advantage of it!! I would live the true rockstar life and make my own "National Tour". I'm on the East coast, so I'd fly straight to California and work my way back. Cali, Vegas, Texas, Chicago, Florida, the Caribbean, Bermuda, and lastly (of course) HOME. Video montage, no sleep, tons of photos, and constantly "on the go".....just like the celebs. I of course would fit some job hunting in there too ;)

Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder....

Put the map on the wall, blindfold me, aim me in the right direction and let me throw the dart, ahhhh sweet freedom to travel, to go, to enjoy...I LOVE JetBlue!


New York to Florida to Cali! All corners of the U.S.!

Shorten my long distance relationship for a month!

I'm in a long distance relationship. I'm from NJ, my girlfriend from California. With my AYCJ pass I would fly from JFK to SAN to visit her as many times as I can from Sept. 7 to Oct. 6.

If I won...

I'd take a big bite out of the big apple and then wash it down with some California wine.

To visit family!

I would LOVE to travel to as many cities as I could within this month's time, but I would especially love to visit my cousin and her husband - who just got out of the military!

JetBlue pass

I would go out to dinner all over the USA!!!! Yum!!!

A month of travel

After 11 months of being downsized, getting double knee replacement, and finding out that I know a lung fibrosis, you can imagine that I could use good news. However, a number of people who I've met over the years online through various social sites have been so amazing in offereing advice, guidance, and support. This would allow me to meet the best of them in person, because frankly, I'd be a lot worse off if I didn't have them.


I'd use the JetBlue pass to visit my friends dispersed across the country: Houston, Los Angeles, and Fort Lauderdale are the top three spots. If I could find the time in between, I'd also fly to Seattle, where I've never been, and Bogota. I'd be somewhere new every other day!

Love 2 Travel

I would visit every jetBlue city! It is on my Bucket List to visit places I have never been. Get to really know America the beautiful...jet on jet on! I would also visit my grandmother and grandfather who are in her 90's. Got to visit the family!


I'd visit friends in California, Seattle, Florida and South Carolina. I'd also visit some of my favorite places in Vegas.


I badly want to go to Costa Rica!!! I need fruits pulled from their trees and waves that breathe life into my soul!!

I'd go everywhere, man.

Jaunted, if you pick me for the AYCJ-7 pass I would make the Johnny Cash classic my reality... I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere, man. Crossed the deserts bare, man. I've breathed the mountain air, man. I travel - I've had my share, man. I've been everywhere. Non-stop on-the-go month for this girl. Pick me, Jaunted!

Start with NYC

and then New Orleans... Boston... I'd have to open up the map and start planning!

New to Jet Blue

I would love to have the pass because I have never had the opportunity to fly Jet Blue. It would be totally awesome to fly non stop for 30 days everywhere I possibly could! I can't even imagine how cool that would be.

Where would I go?!

Costa Rica. Cancun. Puerto Rico. St. Maarten. Barbados. Bermuda. Aruba. Boston. Austin. Long Beach. I think the better question is where wouldn't I go!

i'd do nyc, boston, and austin

hit up the places i'd go to during my college years!

i will go to

i will go to las vegas, chicago, nyc, orlando, cancun, new orleans, aruba, raleigh, dc each for 3 days and visit everything i need to see in those places, my highlight would be nyc and dc :)

All you can Jet take me to Costa Rica!

Id like to go to Costa Ricaaaaaaaaa!!!

Where would I go with my pass?

St. Lucia. I've never been there before, and I can't wait to see it!

Who says long distance can't work?

I'd fly for love. I'm in a new Long Distance Relationship and I want to know... JetBlue, can you help me find true love? I'd keep a video diary of my experiences traveling on JetBlue and the airline's ability to make a relationship with many odds stacked against it work. I'd keep a video journal of my thoughts, progression of the relationship, interviews of Jetblue Crew and travelers that I meet about love and making it work. I'd create a soundtrack to it all and post it all on YouTube for the world to watch!


You know, I've always found that it isn't the destination, but the trip. I've always enjoyed the act of traveling. The flight itself. The airports. The people watching. Granted, the destinations are great, but I think the beauty lies in getting there. That might be cliche, but I'd list airports as one of my favorite places. People coming and going, reuniting, separating. There's just something about all the energy in an airport that is magnetic to me. I want to see as many airports and places as I can. That's what I'd do.


Dinner out where ever JETBLUE flies!!

Where I would go!

I love to travel but can't afford to fly much anymore. My kids are now in college so the conly way we could fly, would be if we won this! My hubby and I would love to go back to the west coast and travel all up and down the California coast. Love it there!


Right now I fly out of Boston Logan home to Buffalo or Rochester airport to see my family on holidays and special occasions. With the AYCJ Pass, I would be able to not only see my sister when she goes into labor with her first baby (due September 8) but I will be able to visit as often as possible in the first few months of the baby's life! Maybe auntie can take a vacation too, like Las Vegas! With AYCJ anything is possible!

Jetting makes me wanna go blue!!

I'll go to Orlando!! I would love to go back to those days when you are a little kid & have fun like there's no tomorrow... leaving all these times madness behind... and taking pleasure of all the good vibes of the parks!! Also, I would be enchanted being on beaches like there are on Dominican Republic, Cancún or Aruba!!!!!!

Eat, Pray, Love...and Jet

Since I'm already in NYC, I would start there flying to the West Coast to spend time with my gay husband Paul in LOS ANGELES. In and Out Burger's a must! After sampling the wine country near San Fran I would head on up to SEATTLE for a great cup of coffee which I would need for my next destination...VEGAS Baby! After calming down and cleansing my aura at the grand Canyon I would hop on down to HOUSTON for some great BBQ. Ater a few Tums I would make my way to the windy city, CHICAGO to take in the view from the Sears Tower (Don't care what it's name is now, to me, it's the Sears Tower). After taking in some Second City comedy I'd head on down to the local pizzaria for some Deep Dish. Next I would have to head to WASHINGTON, DC to say hi to our President (bringing him leftover Deep Dish of course!). Then I would stop in to say hi to some family in CHARLOTTE. Ofcourse I would definatly need a family free break which would lead me down to either the NASSAU, BERMUDA, ARUBA or PUERTO RICO. Heck, who am I kidding, I'll Island hop and take them all in. Finally, after getting an awesome tan I would settle into FT. LAUDERDALE for a while to visit my boyfriend. Hey, ya gotta be in it to win in, so come on, hook me up with this pass. Namaste!


I would use the AYCJ pass to travel with my favorite band a la Almost Famous but with a Jet Blue twist.


Chicago for my sister's wedding...San Fran for fun...Autsin for Indie Music and TexMex...Seattle for coffee...Bermuda to work on my tan.

show me the world while im young and jobless

if i were fortunate enough to be selected, I would immediately take the entire month off of work and plan on traveling to as many places I could. Several bucket list items include going to every MLB stadium in America, having coffee with strangers fromall over the world, go to Madison Square Garden, and go to the major cities of the west coast. I want to change the world as a 22 year old college graduate that works at Starbucks.

I would fly to a best friends wedding...

This pass would enable me to fly to my best friends wedding... truly a blessing... fingers crossed!


If I won the all you can jet pass I would use it to fly back and forth as much as possible between Los Angeles (where I am) and New York City (where the love of my life is).

I'd honestly try to see how many places I could...

visit in a month. Seriously.

A month of celebration

I am turning 30 at the beginning of September. I would use the JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass to celebrate my 30th birthday in style. I would use it to visit friends & family in New York, Florida, Colorado, and Utah.


I'd use all-you-can-jet in my job hunt and interview for jobs outside of the LA area and outside of CA as I look to forge a new path in my career!


I would take a week off from work and get some much needed relaxation in the Bahamas.

Jamaica Me go Crazy Mon

I am in need of a LONG overdue vaca to Jamaica. I think that'll make my year :)

Jamaica Me go Crazy Mon

I am in need of a LONG overdue vaca to Jamaica. I think that'll make my year :)

Nonstop Travel

I'd bid my apartment farewell for September and spend the entire month on the move. Visiting friends and seeing new sights would be part of it, but nights on jetBlue red-eye flights and in airports would be in the plan too!

Mixing business with pleasure...

The ability to use this pass throughout the month of September would be absolutely amazing. My company is only two years old, and while we are growing every day, our out of state clients (which we are so fortunate to have) often get few if any visits from us. My company, which develops fundraising and marketing campaigns for the under 25 age demographic, always works to promote and create fun innovative campaigns encouraging young adults. We have a campaign in Florida that is launching in September raising money for Epilepsy and at this point, we are unable to attend the opening weekend as flights are too pricey! We often are forced to choose one time instead of helping to oversee the entire campaign duration. Additionally, we are working to sign a new client in DC to help with in school music programs. This would allow us to kickstart the development process and meet with them. While we are HUGE technology advocates, and would certainly never argue with in person meetings over webcam conferences. (Besides, the camera just doesn't do us justice). I would visit every out of town client we have which means trips to Salt Lake City, Chicago, New York and Seattle to strengthen relationships. Throw in a visit to my long distance boyfriend for my 25th bday and a stop-over to see my nephews and i've pretty much packed up my September. Thanks for giving us readers this opportunity.


both coasts! i've never been to florida, so i'd head there first -- orlando and fort lauderdale. from there, up to raleigh, then to new york city and boston. back to the west coast then! i'd go to los angeles and long beach, up to san francisco, portland, and from there i would just go by feel. thanks for the chance!




I'm in a long distance relationship and would use it to fly between DC and SF

Where will I go? Well...

Where will I go with the JetBlue pass? EVERYWHERE JetBlue flies! I LOVE to travel. Hubby and son will come along when they can, but I will be in the air & sightseeing as much as possible - especially NY and CA!

Baseball, baby!

If I win, I would, first and foremost, use the AYCJ pass to visit my family and friends in the SF Bay Area that I truly miss, then go to NY and root for my Yankees as they try to win back to back World Series championships, then get a huge head start on one of the things on my bucket list - see all the MLB stadiums! JetBlue flies to a bunch of MLB cities: NY (2), Boston, DC, Seattle, Chicago (2), Baltimore, San Diego, Tampa, Houston, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles (2), Fort Lauderdale (for the Marlins), and Denver. I can be more than halfway to this awesome goal!! It would be such an awesome opportunity :)

Frequent Flyer Here I Come!

an avid jetblue fan, I would plan and undertake an extensive itinerary all the while tweeting and blogging - a dream come true!

Jaunted Globetrotting in True Blue Style

My life is spread across the globe! I would use the pass to visit:
- My parents in NEW YORK
- My sister and new nephew in DENVER
- My grandparents and extended family in HOUSTON
- My college friends in AUSTIN (who are all getting married right now and making me penniless

Also, I've never been to LAS VEGAS or SEATTLE(even though I live in Southern California) and need to experience both places.

Finally, part of my team at my new job works up in SAN FRANCISCO and I would love to meet them in person. After a work trip, I definitely need to check out a CARIBBEAN island for some R&R.

All while journaling about my jaunted experiences and flying in TrueBlue style on Jet Blue.

Fly, Fly, Fly

Would be traveling to Florida and so many more places!


I'd love to go to Aruba


I want to finally go to Barbados! I want to spend some time on the beach. After that I want to go to California and visit my family.

I would use it to send my mother some places

we all have said what we wanted to do with it but i would send my mother as she deserves it..been working hard taking care of others..its her turn

Nonstop, All Month Long

I'd go to Seattle, Portland, Nashville, Austin, and New York to check out all of the different music scenes! Then I'd go visit my twin brother at school in Connecticut and my old college friends in Boston.

Tampa to NYC, every Friday

My boyfriend lives in NY and I live in FL, it would be amazing to see him every weekend for a month, usually it's every couple months :(

I'd love to go....

To SFO, LAX, MCO, CHI, PVD, BOS, CLT, ATL, DEN, and LAS just to name a few... would be great to catch up with friends and family!

Japanese-American to rediscover southern roots

Of course I would go everywhere on that map

but the South would be a must on my list. As Japanese-American raised in the South, I feel the need to rediscover my roots and introduce Japanese people to the often misunderstood culture and especially the wonderful cuisine.

I was born in Virginia, but don't remember a thing. I was raised in California but don't remember a thing. I was also raised in Texas but hated the South. I lived in the States for most of my life so far but all that time I hated it and wanted to run away. Your typical second generation identity crisis story.

Now after living in Tokyo for six years, I have finally come to appreciate being raised as a Japanese-American from the South and am interested in relearning and reflecting on my background. I was especially pessimistic about the so-called food culture in American thinking all it did was make everyone fat. Now I realize there is more to the food than just excessive calories but history, and many stories that need to be told to the world.

Would like to blog my way through the States in two languages, English and Japanese, focusing on the South to not only show myself there are a lot of hidden treasures but to the world.

Long Beach

So I could go to my favorite restaurant!!


would frequent EWR newark >>> FLL ft. lauderdale because boyfriend lives in FL while i'm here in NJ *sigh to long distance relationships =D

Love love love Jet Blue, and love to travel

I would go to Long Beach, CA. To San Francisco, to NY, and Bermuda. Actually, to as many places I can visit.

Ya Mon! AYCJ Pass!

I'd go East Coast, West Coast I'm a big fan of Jaunted, what can I say? Leave my troubles behind, end up in Montego Bay!


Good Luck to everyone!


Good Luck to everyone!

Friends & Nooks & Crannies

I quite literally have friends in all places. I'm also always ready to discover new nooks and crannies anywhere.


I'd be like that AirTran guy... I'd fly everywhere.

I would love to go back to my hometown

I moved to the southwest in 1982, I used to go back to N.Y. every year for the first several years, but when my family also left, I have not been back in over 10 years. I recieved a phone call from a friend last week, he told me to check out the specials on "Jet Blue." I know much has changed with my S.U.N.Y. @ Stony Brook since I moved too. I read their e-news but would love to visit friends & see my university that taught me so much.Now that the weather is cooling down in N.Y.

Eat. Pray. Love

've never really experienced life outside NY besides around the tri-state area. I think with the AYCJ pass, I'd make it something to remember. How do you make use of an opportunity like this? My goal in life is to make an impact on someone, something -no matter how great or how little. Of course, traveling to all these places would be so much fun, but with that I want to take with me and give back what I receive in some way. I may not be going to Italy, Bali, or India...but I want to meet people from these places, learn, and interact. With every place I visit, I want to give back. Serve in a soup kitchen or at any volunteer services for a few hours and record my experience. Pay it forward is something I always believed in. And being out of a job right now can give me the time to do this and help accomplish #6 on the bucket list and enjoy life outside NY for once! Oh, and I've never been to Disney :D

Empty Nester

Son off to college tomorrow, empty nester, me time, upcoming parent weekend, anywhere and everywhere I'd want! This would be fabulous :)

A limerick about where I would go!

There once was a traveler named Huts Who got sick when he rode on the bus So he ditched that old dog And on Jaunted he logged Where he won All You Can Jet Passes from us!

where i would go and why

I would fly to Nc to see my mother who has breast cancer . Then just for fun I would fly to California so my wife can see the price is right then some more Nc trips

Born in the USA

I'd be HONORED AND THRILLED to win! I'd try to hit all of Jet Blue's NON continental US locations first, then my first ever trip to LA! Only been west of the Mississippi ONCE!! I'd love to blog about my adventure!

Forever Jetting Idea

I would fly to Nantucket for slices of my favorite pizza before the restaurant closes for the winter. I haven't been to ACK in years but I still dream about this scallop-topped pizza; quite often. Cooked at over 500 degrees and difficult to replicate - this pizza is an affordable luxury I'd love to taste again.

AYCJ Pass (pick me! ! ! )

I would jet to Santo Domingo b/c I want to see my fiancee who I haven't been able to see in almost 2 years b/c I was laid off for some time.

oh and where woukd I go?

Nantucket? No! Everywhere!


Anywhere and everywhere!! Bring it on!! :)

visit faraway friends

i'd head to california to visit my best friend and college roommate! I'd also hit up some nice warm vacation spots!

Free pass - woohoo!!

If I won; I would visit all the major cities with my girlfriend and daughter. Would be awesome.. at least 1 trip a week..

all over

With the AYCJ pass, I'd go visit my brother in the hospital, my parents in Florida, my best friends in New York & Illinois and everywhere else I can fit in!

30 Days to Spread Love

I would hit 7 cities on my cross country trip. I would start by visiting my college roommate in her native Denver as she is heading to London soon to study abroad for a year. We would experience all that Denver has to offer and lend a hand to her church's youth group while in town. The second stop would be San Diego to visit cousins and also to establish connections with my grandfather's side of the family whom I have yet to meet. One of my uncles has traced our family heritage to an Irish clan,and a Blackfoot tribe and it would be interesting to view the family tree in person. After the impromptu family reunion, the next stop would drop me in New Orleans to experience NOLA with my cousin/sister traveling buddy by drinking in the sights, sounds, smells and wonders it has to offer. I would also like to partner with local agencies still working on rehabbing areas affected by Katrina.From New Orleans, I would head up to Chicago to meet and greet more family members from my grandfather's side and taste that city as well. My trip would not be complete without a visit to my Aunt Jackie's kitchen in Charlotte where is love is served in heaping measures ensconced in good jazz music. My final stop before home would be Dulles Airport to spend the remainder of my trip with my mission trip team leader and his family in Virginia, helping their non profit organization, Know The Truth Int'l Ministries, make preparations for missions trips through the end of 2010 and into 2011.


I made a commitment to myself about a year ago that whenever I traveled (whether for business or leisure), I'd volunteer wherever I was. So - I'd use my AYCJ pass for a "volunteering spree," stopping in as many of the applicable cities as possible and signing up for various volunteer projects (including but not limited to hunger, child and adult education, revitalization and environment) in each place helping to make a change one stop at a time.

How I'd use the AYCJ card...

For me, having this card would allow me to fly out to Denver and spend time with my sister, brother-in-law and their soon-to-be born baby. Right now because of my financial situation this simply isn't possible.

You really are coming to visit! Well, hopefully!

Living in Austin and having great conferences and festivals is awesome! People come to visit, see music, and network. But they are always coming here. I would visit my friends Sarah, Julia, Linda, Cindy, and Maiken on the West Coast. Lauren and Nikki in the New York area. Laurie in Denver. Stefan in Boston. But to add icing to that awesome cake would be to see a Cubs game in Chicago. Bring Texas BBQ sauce to Texas-Ex's on my travels. Eating a beignet in New Orleans. Go for a swim in West Palm Beach. Get the most tourist-y(is that a WORD?)t-shirt from each city traveled to and tell the story of the trip when it is worn. Make memories. Take pictures. Smile a lot!

Anywhere warm!

With the leaves already starting to change colors here in Vermont, I'd travel to the Caribbean, Florida, California...really, anywhere warm!

So bored!

Get me out of here!

Jet Pass

I'd travel to different continents connecting with friends.


i'm originally from the east coast where most of family still lives--i now live in texas. i would love to see them again since it has been years since the last time i saw them. i would love to see my little cousin whom i've actually never met since we have never been able to afford to go see them. i also wouldn't minding going to las vegas :) or revisiting california and new york. in fact the first/last time i went to nyc i flew jetblue for the first time and loved it!

places to go

I would fly to Portland, Oregon to visit my brother and New York because I love it there.

All I can jet in one month...

If I won the pass I would travel first to all the cities Jet Blue can go to in the US that I've never been to before, then if I had time visit some of my favorites and visit friends. I'd research each place ahead of time and check out the culture, food, nightlife. I'd want to feel as I'm living there and how it could be. I'd love to move to another city as much as I love living in New York...just to broaden my horizons and get the experience of a lifetime. And do it all before I'm too busy being a workaholic with a family. One of my top goals is to travel the world...why not start now?

Jet Pass

Explore places in the United States I never imagined to visit.

Visiting my grandfather on days off

I'd use it to visit my grandfather, who is in really poor health, on my days off

jet setting

I would use the all you can jet pass for grad school visits on the east coast. As a poor recent college grad it would be a huge help! Especially flying to Boston! I also would use it to visit my familyand friends in MA NY FL and TX.

Places I need to see

If I was to win the lottery, I would travel the world. But if I win the Jetpass I would be just as happy if I could go visit Aruba, COsta Rica and Aruba!

Family is most important

I'd use it to visit family I haven't been able to see for a long time in Israel and several European countries. I miss them and this would be so helpful!!

Straight to the Caribbean

Enough of the muggy New York summer! Time for lying on a beach and doing very little else.

All I do is work...

...and I need reason to escape. I'd use that pass like it's going out of style. Pick me and let me have a much-needed vacation...or two!

Fly me to the moon

Wow, this sounds awesome, hope I win! :)



Just Get Me to the Terminal

I'd jet anywhere as long as I got to hang out in the JetBlue terminal in JFK. Seriously - it's awesome.

Traveling Before Medical School

I would love to be able to travel before I head to medical school. I have always traveled when I was a child with my family and self, but now that I am working full time after college, bills and bills just will not allow me to save enough to travel. It would be great to get that break sometimes. I will travel to see all my friends and family across the nation that I have not seen for about two years since after undergrad college. It is part of the price you have to pay to pursue your dream and goals. It will be great to be able to feel their warm embrace. fingers crossed$*

Happy Jet-setting to along the west coast...

I finally have the time, but not the funds, to visit my closest buddies who line the west coast. I would visit beloved, old friends and have some gourmet treats-- the first part courtesy of JetBlue and Jaunted, but the second part involving tasty treats I am willing to share with my sponsors :-) If I won I would pick up a Voo-doo donut with my oldest friend in Portland, hop to Seattle to check out the Zig Zag with an old lost friend, and check out San Francisco with my best friend, Kelley who moved away from me a few years ago-- maybe drink some fantastic coffee and eat tasty pig parts at the Ferry Building?

Pick Me

I'd go to San Juan, CA, VA, GA, and NY to visit friends and family. The timing is perfect.

cali (LA and san francisco) or bust!

hoping to get my business in order by checking out potential manufacturers in LA and visiting family in SF.

Away I Go

I would definitely visit my hometown NY & then go to Vegas & California.

It's all relative

I'd go to Austin to visit my cousin and eat tacos. Then go to Seattle to visit my other cousin and eat salmon. Then I'd go to Aruba because I have no cousins there.

My trip

I definitely would take the opportunity of I won this pass to go to California, Atlanta and Houston. I have never been to any of these areas and this would be so worth it to just see things and places that I ordinarily wouldn't get to see on my own.

4 weeks

Each week would be a new adventure! Week 1 - Los Angeles, Week 2 - Orlando, Week 3 - Phoenix (on spite), Week 4 - Cancun


I would definitely fly to wherever I haven't been. California, Seattle, and pretty much anywhere else! This would be absolutely amazing!

Where I would go...

With the help of Jaunted & JetBlue, I would go to San Francisco, L.A., New York, and Richmond to see family and friends, and some combination of Chi-Town, Austin, and New Orleans, just because I could.

Where I would go?

I would try to collect every place I HAVENT been on JetBlue, but since I've been flying them since they started, that list has gotten pretty exotic. Starting with Bogota and Burlington..... Scot

I want an All you can jet pass!!

I've never been to Central America and would love to check out San Jose. Puerto Rico, NYC, Seatle... really- I want to go to all of them. And I'd document it on my site!

All of the Caribbean, please!!!

I would LOVE to take the month and travel around the different islands- you know, all james bond style!

Jetting to a new job!

I'm unemployed (finished grad school at the beginning of summer) and applying for jobs on both coasts. I'd use my AYCJ pass to be able to fly back and forth for interviews and hopefully land the job of my dreams!


Holiday. celebrate!


pick me, please! pick me, please! pick me, please! pick me, please! pick me, please!

Packed and Ready

Food first: Long Beach to Austin! Mom second(Sorry, Mom): Austin to NYC Then it's time to get a tan: Hello Caribbean! TIA!

JetBLu AUC Pass

I would love to head to NYC for the Labor Day Weekend, attend a conference that I can not afford due to the traveling expenses in Washington, head to Cancun and visit a friend, go to LA for the first time in my life and visit a friend I have never seen in person in San Diego. As a single parent it is hard for me to pay all the traveling expenses but much cheaper when you have travel and lodging arrangement covered!

Dreams of Jet Blue-ing Around the US

Well, first off - I'd fly from my home city of Seattle to NYC. Spend a few days there shopping, dining, and sightseeing. Next, I'd fly to somewhere tropical like Barbados or Nassau, get a nice glowing tan. Fly to California, relax on the beach, then... back home to Seattle. I hope to win!!! :)


I would fly to JFK and then to MSY. Also LAS!

Where would I fly?

NYC would be first, then it's on to Austin and San Diego. I better check how much vacation time I have left.

Gotta love Jetblue

Free flying, what's not to like ?

The Pass Sold Out!

I meant to jump on this but waited too long!

Ambitious Traveller

I would go everywhere! First stop Long Beach, then Portland, Washington, las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix. Then off to the east coast if time permits... New York, Boston, and D.C. Ambitious? Definitely! Boring? Never.


I would do a tour of the USA: LA, NYC, Orlando, Chicago, Portland, Phoenix and Charlotte.

Give Me the Pass Please!

Would love to have this...I almost cried when I saw it on sale last week..single parent and can't afford it but know exactly what I would do with it. NYC-Labor Dy weekend; Houston with college friends, Los Angeles as a first-timer, San Diego to visit friends and Baltimore for a educational conference I could not afford to attend because of the travel costs.


Hi, I have been out of work for three months and just got a job that doesn't start until mid-October. I love to travel, but have been holding off due to looking for work (and my budget). This timing would be perfect to fit in some fun travel without the worry before I start working!


I'd be back and forth between hou and jfk! Would make a couple of pitstops in Florida and Los Angeles!!


I would take my 2.5 year old daughter Lucia with me to the beach in Aruba, Cancun, St. Maarten, and Bermuda. Otherwise, I am going to dearly miss her.

The joy of traveling

If I were fortunate enough to win the AYCJ-7 passes from JetBlue and Jaunted will allow myself to live life thoroughly and visit Bermuda, Aruba and St. Maarten. Those beautiful places have always put a smile on my face just by looking at pictures. Dreams are made to be experienced to the fullest extent!

All You Can Jet

Honestly I tried to think of the most compelling thing to write to win this pass, but couldn't think of a thing. So I'm just going to shoot straight from the hip. For me this pass wouldn't just being able to get away it'd be and adventure and the opportunity to start my life anew. I'd use this pass as an opportunity to learn and earn. I want to break into the PR/marketing industry and what better way to know what makes folks tick and buy this or that product is to go there and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. I'd also use this as the opportunity to build a comprehensive list for the masses of the best and inexpensive places to eat and sleep. This would be as much for the experienced traveler as much as it would be for the novice. I am by no means an experienced traveler. I've only begun traveling outside my local area less than a year ago and thus far have only made it to Vegas. But I would love to experience the sounds, smells and tastes of places like Texas, Chicago, Kentucky, Los Angeles, Washington,etc.. This would indeed be beyond a dream come true. Thank you for considering my entry.

I just quit my job

I just quit my job. I have no home. I would fly to every single destination I could, couchsurfing (couchsurfing.org) the entire way. Just to procrastinate for 30 days figuring out what to do next with my life ;-)

JetBlue, JetBlue...I do Adore!

I would love to win the AYCJ pass! I'm unemployed so I have LOTS of time. I would travel to the following places: CA - to celebr8 my friend who graduated from Law School./ VA - to visit my Grandmother...its been 2 long./ AZ - to become one with nature./ WA - to visit the 1st Starbucks./ LA - to pay it forward and bless Katrina victims./ Bermuda - to say hello to my boyfriends family./ Chicago - to see my bestie from college. Thank you for the opportunity. Have a lovely day.

East to West

I have whole itineraries already mapped out! Trip #1- Leave from Boston, hit Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, Charlotte, Orlando, New Orleans. Trip #2- Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Denver. Would visit friends in many of the cities that I haven't seen in a while, and explore some on my own!!! Would be AMAZING.

As many places as I have couches to surf on?

Some cities for work, most for pleasure and adventure. As many of the following as possible: New Orleans, Orlando to see family, LA, Oakland/SF, both Portlands, Seattle, Denver, but most of all Ponce and/or San Juan. Cancún and someplace in the DR if I could swing it, too.

Ready to fly

Anyway in the USA!


I would go to LA!


Sadly, air travel nowadays is taken for granted as simply being the fastest method of getting from one place to another far away. Few stop and marvel at the sheer beauty of it, the romance of it. Ever since I was a young boy, it's always been about the journey for me. If I was to win, I'd opt for a window seat on every flight and stare out in wonder at every takeoff and landing, just like I did growing up. I'd look down at the clouds while cruising at 36,000 feet, sipping a crisp ginger ale and reminding myself I'm leaping over entire cities at over 500 mph. When I'd land in a new place, I'd spend my time drawing inspiration from wherever I was, photographing and writing and forgetting about my 12-hours-a-day job sitting in a nondescript cubicle. I'd eat foods that can't be eaten anywhere else and I'd see things that can't be seen anywhere else. Every few days, I'd be back in my window seat, staring down, and looking forward to where this awesome invention of man would set me down next.

Where I'd be with the AYCJ pass.

I'd be from Boston to San Francisco. And New York. And Pittsburgh. And Oakland. And San Diego. And anywhere else that JetBlue will take me.

Between Undergrad and Grad Travel

I'm a student still looking to apply to B-school and the aycj pass would be helpful in visiting school and checking out mba programs before the deadlines kick it. Also, I would use it to travel to NY/NJ as much as I can to visit my bf whom I haven't seen in 4 months... and my brother in Baltimore! Aaah, it got sold out before I even knew it existed!! Go jaunted and jetblue! Whoooo! [ -_-]

love affair with flight!

I recently got hooked into skydiving! Since Spring of this year, I've jumped twice from 14,000 feet in two different states and I am totally hooked on Flying! The instructor told me that there is no other way to see the world than to see it through the skies... and that's exactly what I would use the AYCJ card for :-) I will hop on JetBlue to take me to the next AMAZING city where I go one my next skydiving adventure... over and over and over again! To be in a different part of the world and see it from the same sky... Isn't that why we fly? :) PLEASE Pick me, JetBlue!!! *yay*

Headed to the Sunshine!

And use up all my vacation days in one month!


If I win I would go visit my family in Texas and California more often!! My grandmother is 91 years old and I cant wait to see her.

i may pull a steve if...

I don't find myself behind one of your screens in your comfy leather coasting to a better future. I recently decided to switch careers from cut-throat public relations to wine sales...I have an appointment to finally get my passport Friday. And the best education to prepare me for my future in wine would be to travel to the vineyards in Europe and South America firsthand. The things I would learn, the people I would meet, and the grapes I would stomp would prove to be a priceless education (what an oxymoron with the 30,000 I still owe on my pr degree). I would no doubt keep a blog and one day ink a deal to have my own eatpraylovish book/movie maybe...Don't stomp till you get enough?? I would def. have a shiny Jetblue plane in the opening scene. Hope I get it...I've never won a thing in my life. Xo-Stacey

New York

NY- all the way!!!

hope i win

id go to bogota, and some other places

I wanna win!

I would go to Vegas for some fun!!!

At least 3 destinations!

First I'd fly to North Carolina to visit my aunt and uncle, whom I visit every year but couldn't this year so far. Then I'd fly to Barbados to see where a friend of mine grew up. Last but not least, I'd fly to the DR so I could drive from there to Haiti, where I spent the summer working and where I met many friends I want to see again.

win a pass

I would travel to LA & Phoenix to visit family, then on to New York to see a show.


PLEASE SEND ME! I haven't seen my fam in 4 years and they are all spread out. I need this!

pick me! pick me! :)

I'd go to Portland to visit my older brother who I rarely get to see... then Boston to visit my cousin... and New York to visit a good friend. I pray I win. If I do, praise God! :)

I know I'm not eligible but...

I really wanted to do this: PDX/SEA to NYC(3 days) to Orlando(1 day(just travel time)) (RT to Bogota(3 days)) to San Juan(2/3 days) to Santo Domingo(3 days) to Boston(3 days) to NOLA(3 days) to NYC(1 day) to Chicago(3 days) to LA(1 day) to 'Cisco(3 days) to Home(via LA)(just in time for my bday to boot)....

Sadly transferring my money from Paypal took too long, and the passes were gone by the time I could buy them. Sad, was kinda lookin forward to shooting a roll of Kodachrome in each city. Guess I'll never get that chance now.


I would go to New York get some New York style pizza for lunch then go to Chicago and get Chicago style pizza for dinner :-)

jetBlue is awesome!!!!

There the best airline EVER. No ones better. I've flown US airways and all that crap its stupid there was this lady next to me who kept farting... :P Then i tried jetBlue, and fantastic. Nothing better. But i would really like that all you can jet pass from you guys! Thanks :P