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Obama May Take Cuba Travel into His Own Hands

Where: Cuba
August 11, 2010 at 8:54 AM | by | ()

While the first family has enjoyed several unique vacation locations, we think that they really want to go to Cuba this winter. President Obama seems eager to open up the travel channels between the United States and the island nation, and it might just happen before the summer is over.

Rumors suggest that Obama could ease travel restrictions to Cuba through a change in US policy without necessarily getting approval from Congress. However, the new rules won’t really apply to everyone, so once again, we’ll have to hold off on getting our tickets and transportation booked. The changes would allow more Americans to head to Castro-country for cultural and educational trips. That sounds kind of vague, so maybe checking out an art museum or two would suffice for cultural experience.

Even without Obama acting independently, members of Congress still expect bills related to Cuba travel to pass without a problem. The only issue is that they’ve been saying this for years, and no bill has reached the floor for a vote just yet.

Our only advice for now is to just be patient. Don’t just head over to Cuba to prove a point. Some Americans desperate for Cuba Libres recently came back to the US after protesting the travel ban in Cuba. They were allowed to come back to the US without issue, but it probably could have gone down much differently.

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