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Chelsea Clinton May Be Honeymooning in South Africa

August 10, 2010 at 8:58 AM | by | ()

Right after Chelsea Clinton married long-time beau Marc Mezvinsky two weekends ago in Rhinebeck, NY, the public has wondered one thing: what did she wear? That answer came quickly enough. The bride wore Vera Wang. And then the big question became: where are they honeymooning? This answer didn't come at all.

Now, over a week since the nuptials, there's possibly lead on where Mr. and Mrs. Mezvinsky have headed, and it's far, far away. Sources at WWD have spilled that the couple is currently on safari in South Africa. WWD explains wy South Africa is a perfect honeymoon idea for them:

First, few people would recognize them in South Africa. And second, what paparazzi is going to risk being attacked by a lion or rhino just to get a photo of the couple?

Riiiight. While we bet not even wild game can keep the most enterprising photogs at bay, Marc and Chelsea must emerge into a city or airport eventually, and then we'll know for sure.

[Photo: via WWD]

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