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What Joe Biden Hit and Missed During His National Parks Visit

July 30, 2010 at 9:59 AM | by | ()

When he’s not putting his foot in his mouth, Vice President Joe Biden is out and about talking up all the good stuff his administration is doing. This week he went on a little bit of a business vacation, as he was scheduled to take in the sights of several national parks. He’s been in charge of where all that stimulus cash has been going, so he obviously needed to see the results first hand—yes, we’re a little jealous.

Over at the Grand Canyon, he checked out Hopi Point on the west end of the South Rim. This spot boasts a slew of trails, paths, and structures that have gotten a little boost from Uncle Sam, and it seems like everything is going well so far. In total the Grand Canyon is getting around $18 million in federal cash. Unfortunately, Biden didn’t seem to have any time to check out the new bike rental options at the rim of canyon—that would have been our pick.

Over at Yellowstone, the main project is an almost $5 million renovation of a wastewater treatment plant. Kind of a bummer that he didn’t speak about something a little more interesting, like an increase in Old Faithful souvenir snow globes. He at least should have hopped in the secret service mobile and taken a spin around The Grand Loop to get a good overview of everything.

In total, the national parks are getting an infusion of cash to fund and fix over 800 projects. We’re big fans of getting a little fresh air, so we’re all in favor of it. Let’s just hope we can score a couple more freebie days in the fall, because the last free national park entry weekends are coming up in just a couple weeks.

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[Photo of a different Biden speech: jim.greenhill]

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