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Crosswalk Lights from Around the World

July 29, 2010 at 2:40 PM | by | ()

Last night, we braved the muggy grossness of the streets of Manhattan and while in the Financial District by the World Trade Center site, we passed some construction plywood of a most creative sort. It featured 99 images of crosswalk men from around the world. We know we've seen some interesting deviations from the usual green "go" stick figure on our travels, so we took photos of the entire project.

Turns out, it's a legit work of art called "Walking Men 99" by Maya Barkai, created through a collaboration with amateur photographers from around the world. "The project is a cultural representation and a subjective interpretation of our urban environment." The application of the images to the construction zone was made possibly by the Downtown Alliance's "Re-Construction Program," which we're assuming is all about beautifying places like this within lower Manhattan.

It's a cute little exhibition, but there's no need to tramp down to this random spot on Broadway to see it. We've posted most of the photos in the gallery above.

Just to give all the information, here's the most important bit of the artist's statement on the piece: "Driven from the vocabulary of urban circulation and metropolitan life, the 'walking man' figure is an international symbol which appears in various forms in cities worldwide, transcending all cultures and languages." Cool.

[Photos: Jaunted]

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Littles Men

I love the Berlin one!

i'll have you know...

i was the model for the Dresden one.

my favorite

I think Andorra has the coolest one. (check it out; it's the 8th picture from the end of the gallery)

Crosswalk lights

Thanks for sharing these photos. What a great example of a visual cross cultural exchange--how something so "normal" can in fact have such variations. Appreciate seeing the photos since I'm miles away!