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Five Things to Do on Your Layover at: Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Weíve all had layovers that were a little longer than initially expected. Mechanical delays, weather emergencies, and all kinds of other issues make that tight 45-minute connection turn into something extraordinary. We canít get promise your flight will depart on time, but we can offer some time killers at the airport.

Five picks for spending a few extra hours at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport, Terminal 1:

· Waking For Bacon:
For some reason we really enjoy breakfast at the airport, and itís not just because there itís more socially acceptable to drink a Blood Mary at 5:30am on a Tuesday. Weíve had our share of costly bacon and eggs, but one of our favorites is at French Meadow Bakery Cafť. Grab a seat facing airport traffic so you can watch people run to their gates and reunite with long lost business associates. Most of their options here are organic, so you can feel a little bit better about downing that order of eggs benedict.

· Be A Pinball Wizard:
Video games are always a good way to pass the time, but itís hard to replicate the whole pinball experience with an iPod Touch. MSP has got you covered, as there are a couple different arcades within the Lindbergh Terminal. Lucky Lindyís Video Arcade is located in Concourse F, and thereís also an arcade without a name in Concourse G. If we remember correctly, thereís an Indiana Jones pinball machine that took at least five bucks from us.

· Shop 'Til You Drop:
Waiting around for those thunderstorms to clear is always a good time to blow some cash on stuff you donít need. Airports always have a gift shop or two, but The Mall at MSP has a lot more than just souvenirs from Minnesota. Thereís overpriced luggage at Tumi, Harley Davidson shirts, electronic doodads at Brookstone, and snazzy ties at Johnston & Murphy. Itís hardly Fifth Avenue, but itís one of the most solid collections of terminal shops in the country.

· Meet At The Mall:
If your award ticket required an eight hour stopover before heading overseas, then you might want to get out of the airport for a few. The Mall of America is nearby and is easily accessible. Head to the lower level of the airport as youíll need to catch the train, but if youíre short on time a taxi can get you there as well. The cityís light rail service will take you from the Airport Transit Plaza to the Mall of America Transit Station in about ten minutes, but thereís a brief walk to the mall. The fare should only be like $2.25, so bring a friend.

· Hit The Clubs:
Delta is the king of the castle here, so if youíre looking for an airline lounge youíll be heading to a Delta SkyClub for a bit of rest and relaxation. These former Northwest Airlines clubs donít have bartenders, so youíre free to pour yourself an extra heavy drink. The club in Concourse C is the one to visitóespecially if youíre paying $50 for a day pass. Fans of United Airlines can get their club fix in Concourse E at the one and only Red Carpet Club.

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Love to Explore

There is an amazing new service at the Minneapolis St.Paul Airport: MSP Tours. They offer layover tours that are easy, fun and affordable! I loved it and am so glad to have split my time between airport and touring! I all be spending a night in Minneapolis next time to linger at the arts, sports, nature, shopping, and food scene I learned all about!