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What Could Wyclef Jean Do for Tourism as President of Haiti?

Where: Haiti
July 27, 2010 at 4:23 PM | by | ()

In case you haven't already heard, brace yourself for this news: Wyclef Jean is seriously considering running for President of Haiti. He's already filed the paperwork to participate in the election on November 28, and we can expect an official decision to come on August 7.

Don't make us bring up Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan, but the transition for a movie or music star to political office can be pretty easy if they are a different sort of triple threat: they've got the right amount of previous positive political activity, drive and inspiration for the future and support from more than just their fans. Lucky for Wyclef, he's three for three there, so the step to presidency in his troubled home country is well within reach.

So what can he do for the country, tourism-wise? Well, assuming he wins and continues his strong stance of development coupled with Haitian pride, he could be do quite a lot. Since he started the Yéle Haiti charity in 2005 and became Haiti's Ambassador-at-Large in 2007, Jean has brought millions and millions of dollars into the country for rebuilding and building schools, providing jobs and more. Continued educational and infrastructure development as well as a lower crime rate would make Haiti more attractive to world travelers—not to mention any music events Jean creates as president.

However: the facts remain that although Jean was born in Haiti, he was raised in Brooklyn and he doesn't have the necessary experience to become president. We'll be waiting to hear his announcement on August 7...

[Photo: Radio Tele Ginen Haiti]

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