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The Top Five Stupid Travel Stunts of 2010...So Far

July 29, 2010 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

The year is more than half over, which means we're more than halfway done with 2010 travel stories. Since things slow down over the summer, we figured this was a perfect time to pause and reflect on just how insane this year has been. And by insane, we mean stupid.

We wanted to avoid things that were stupid in the "that obviously won't work" kind of way and instead turn to the mind-boggling, inexplicable, "what could they have been thinking" sort of stupidity. And, thanks to the nature of the travel industry and airport security, there was more than enough to go around.

5. Kim Kardashian outs an air marshal via Twitter
Where to begin? The stupidity of the air marshal for trying to impress a starlet by outing himself? The stupidity of the starlet by announcing his undercover status to the world? The stupidity of Tweeters for wasting their time trying to explain to her why her behavior was so stupid? What we're saying is that there was a lot of not-smartness to go around in this incident.

4. Royal Caribbean docks 60 miles from Haiti's earthquake devastation
Objectively unhelpful, wildly tone deaf, and a public relations disaster. Memo to the PR department of any travel company involved in anything, anywhere: nearby mass graves doth not a party mood inspire.

3. Jetstar pilot texts midflight with predictable results
We understand that the miracle of heavier-than-air flight has become mundane, and that people kind of just integrate it into their everyday lives. It's a comfortable and routine thing, and it's certainly not an experience demanding one's full attention. That said, if you're a pilot flying 170 passengers 400 feet above the ground, how about taking a break from social networking to land the plane instead? Because otherwise, like this tool, you might almost crash the plane.

2. Qatari diplomat lights up cigarette on airplane, cracks "I'm blowing up the plane" joke
Sarcastic prick with diplomatic immunity boards United flight. Sarcastic prick with diplomatic immunity goes to bathroom for a smoke. Sarcastic prick with diplomatic immunity tells air marshals he's lighting his shoes on fire. A mid-air wrestling match, a couple of military jets, and an emergency landing later...everybody is still talking about it.

1. Newark Airport shut down over goodbye kiss
A Rutgers exchange student seeing off his girlfriend slipped under the rope for one last peck on the cheek. What a total clusterf*ck that became. You know, there are countries where airport security personnel are authorized to take some statements, evaluate the situation, and say "eh - nothing big here." Unfortunately none of those countries are the US.

Honorable mention: The Northwest pilots who flew too far. Oh yes, that was a fun one too.

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