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Woman Sues American Airlines for $5 Million over $25 Checked Baggage Fee

July 23, 2010 at 8:57 AM | by | ()

Baggage fees suck, there's no doubt about that. Travelers paid the airlines $800 million dollars in baggage fees, in just the first quarter of this year; that's more than enough to keep airline execs swimming in Olympic-sized pools of cash a la Donald Duck. Unfortunately, baggage fees are virtually unchecked and paying $25 to get your bag on the flight with you doesn't guarantee you anything, as one flyer recently discovered.

Danielle Covarrubias flew from Seattle to Grand Rapids, MI on American Airlines and checked her bag on the flight, paying the required fee of $25 to do so. When she arrived at her destination, her bag did not...and never did. She spent hundreds on replacing the lost goods and finally American got back with her to say that "nothing could be done," not even a refund of her $25. So what is Danielle doing in response to that? She's suing American Airlines for $5 million after the airline refused to refund the $25 checked bag fee.

Believe it or not, it's already been two years since American became the first US airline to charge a checked baggage fee. This is the first lawsuit against them over checked baggage fees and you know what? We don't think it'll end here. Covarrubias should have sniffed around for those in her very same situation; make this thing a class action lawsuit. And while asking for $5 million sounds a bit over the top, it's at least an amount to draw attention to the issue, not to mention we can think of far stupider lawsuits with far more dollar bills at stake.

Oh wait! We bet that we know what happened with her bag! Perhaps the thieving JFK janitor whom our friend caught red-handed and got arrested recently was running a ring?

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