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The Five Best Airports for Traveling with Pets

July 22, 2010 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

For many travelers, taking a trip without their furry friends isn’t an option, and airports have been noticing this. Whether it’s plastic fire hydrants or pet boutiques within the terminal, airports have started to accommodate our critters more than ever before. Some are a little better than others, so here are our picks for the five most pet friendly airports:

· Miami International Airport:
Miami International recently spent a cool $40,000 on upgrades to their doggie parks. For now the airport has two of them, but when the North Terminal is complete they plan to add a third one. The parks are pretty well sized and have benches for humans to take a break as well. Both areas are fenced in so that your dog can burn off some energy before that transcontinental flight. The parks are located outside between the parking garages and the Central and South Terminals.

· Detroit Metro Airport:
We love the clean airy design of Detroit Metro’s McNamara Terminal, but pets and their owners should love it as well. No need to pick up generic Michigan souvenirs here, as there are two pet shops where you can buy Fido a new collar or chew toy. The Stylish Paw is located near gates A66 and A18. Don’t forget that the airport also has locations for pet pit stops as well. The McNamara location is outside the international arrivals area on the lower level, and in the North Terminal the spots are each end of the departure level.

· Washington-Dulles International Airport:
The nation’s capital might just be the best place to switch planes with your best friend, as the airport has pet relief areas right within the terminal. No need to go through the TSA gauntlet, as dogs will be happy to pick just the right spot on some artificial grass and plastic fire hydrants. Following security you can find two locations at Washington-Dulles near gates A31 and D1. Just see a gate agent and they’ll take you and your pal outside for a break.

· Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport:
The world’s busiest airport hasn’t forgotten about its four-legged travelers, and last year the airport opened the gates to its Poochie Park. It’s on the lower level of the North Terminal outside and to the right of the building. Here there’s about 1,000 square feet for pets to run—somewhat—wild. There’s two sculptures as well for dogs to sniff and appreciate while doing their business. Flowers, grass, and rocks all set the mood for a nice flight. Just be sure to pick up after your pooch with the provided scoopers.

· Phoenix Sky Harbor:
Phoenix Sky Harbor has three spots for pets to take a brake, drink some water, and to stretch all four of their legs. Each area is fenced and landscaped with pets in mind. The Pet Patch is located just east of Terminal 2, and the Paw Pad is located just outside the west doors of Terminal 3. However, the best spot is the Bone Yard outside of the baggage claim area through the exit doors of Terminal 4. This park is shaded during the day and lighted at night, and in the center is a bone-shaped spot filled with crushed gravel. As with all the pet parks you’re responsible for cleaning up your mess, but the airport provides the necessary tools.

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Traveling with pets

This is really useful. I'm definitely saving this info for next time I travel to these cities via plane. If only all cities had at least one pet friendly airport. Fortunately hotels are getting more pet friendly as well. I actually was just visiting <a href="http://bit.ly/g6lVxr">http://bit.ly/g6lVxr</a> and there are a whole bunch of pet friendly hotels and kennels for travelers with pets.