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'Flying Pasties' Attempt to Hide Your Nakedness from Full-Body Scanners

July 19, 2010 at 9:44 AM | by | ()

A funny thing happened while we were researching our latest complete and updated list list of airports with full-body scanners; we stumbled across one of the newest travel products on the market, and arguably one of the most creative: "Flying Pasties."

Pasties—you know, stickers you put over your naughty bits—aren't just for strippers and Lady Gaga anymore! They're apparently also for your average air traveler. According to Flying Pasties, their $20 orange stickers sets (tastefully printed with "PRIVATE"), "give you back your right to privacy while respecting security."

While Flying Pasties is emphatic about the fact that their pasties do not protect you from the radiation of full-body scanners, they don't mention any technology present in their stickers which actually keeps your nips and bits unseen. They sound like regular old stickers with skin-safe adhesive, and how are scanners that can see through thick leather wallets going to be fooled by these?

Just wait; it gets better! Their pitchman—who obviously filmed his video spiel on the Pasties from his bedroom or something using his laptop's camera—attempts to inform about the airports scanners, but doesn't seem to understand that a scan of a person doesn't look like a naked picture of them, like with the sample girl above (who's obviously had some breast work done). But then again, he is the one with the idea to capitalize on the fears of passengers subjected to these new airport scanners, so he's got that going for him.

And what does Flying Pasties recommend you do if you're questioned about your pasties by the TSA? "Simply remove them and present it to them." Yea, cause that's sanitary and respecting of your personal privacy. Flying Pasties don't belong on your body; they belong on FAILBlog.

But what do you think? Would you wear these?

[Photo: Flying Pasties]

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1. Both Backscatter and MMW have no problem seeing through these bogus things.

2. To foil the backscatter, you need a thick piece of leather. It backscatters like real skin, and is dense enough not to reveal anything beneath. Remember backscatter only penetrates 3MM into normal tissue. It can only penetrate 1-2MM through dense leather.

3. To foil the MMW scanners you need either tightly woven metallic fabric or metal foil. Either one cannot be penetrated at all by MMW scanners (remember the screen on the front of your microwave oven - NOTHING escapes) You just need smaller holes, or a microscopically thin metal film. I have fabric available - anybody want to stitch up underwear?

Undergarments that really stop x-rays

RockyFlatsGear makes lead free undergarments (bras, briefs and a velvet bra insert) that stops t-waves (terahertz) used by remote strip search cameras used in non-secure areas of public buildings (courthouses, airports, etc...). In the UK they are currently used on the streets, I would not be surprised if not already in use at sporting events world wide. Protect your health dignity and that of your children, with well placed radio-opaque fig leafs. The old (glass booth type) nude scanners are being replaced with the more dangerous x-ray back-scatter type machines with perhaps 2000+ installed world wide by 2011. At this time the x-ray strip scanner is "optional" but TSA announced this year to Chicago tribune plans to make them MANDATORY very soon. The patent pending product using nano-technology are designed and were tested to block x-rays and t-wave used by dangerous new whole body strip scanners. Specially design to block high energy radiation at the same time non-ferrous to not trigger metal detectors. Comfortable for everyday use, extended air travel (to protect from ionizing radiation during flight above 10,000'), durable, machine washable and made in America. Frequent flier, run high power imaging equipment, work in a secure area, flight crew member, work in a medical, dental or veterinary office? You are at increased cancer risk, to learn more and purchase go to: www.RockyFlatsGear.com Happy landings, and have a safe trip! I can be reached at : Jeff@RockyFlatsGear.com

A Bit Late Guys

Sorry guys but you're a bit off key here. This bogus operation closed for business back in 2012!!