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Found: The Creepiest SkyMall Product Ever

July 21, 2010 at 8:27 AM | by | ()

We were stuck on the runway for a long time in PHX last week because, no joke, "the wind keeps changing." Out of boredom we ended up flipping through a SkyMall. We shouldn't have, we know, but we did. Herein is a brief walk through our thought process, which culminates in one of those what has been seen cannot be unseen moments, when we turned the page to find the "Cherish" Lifelike Baby Doll, aka the creepiest SkyMall product ever.

Keep in mind that SkyMall essentially makes it pitch to you to buy this product while you're on an airplane and perhaps feeling lonely.

The full description, bolding in the original:

"Cherish" Lifelike Baby Doll - You Name Her!
Exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries by renowned Master Doll Artist Denise Farmer, Cherish is a So Truly Real (r) vinyl baby doll. Hand-applied hair, wispy eyelashes, tiny hand-painted fingernails and toenails complete the illusion of life. She arrives in a footed sleeper with matching cap, and comes with a FREE pacifier and a hospital braclet you can personalize when you name her! Then all you have to do is - cherish her!

Creepy McCreepbaby can be yours for only $99.00.

Here's a few other treasures we scanned from the pages of our SkyMall:

"Heh they're still selling that pillow..."

"... and that other pillow..."

Current featured product at the top of a page: "MLB Embroidered Dog Jerseys." Only $29.99.

So, who's taking baby home?

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