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TSA Now Recruiting Workers Via Pizza Box

July 16, 2010 at 3:06 PM | by | ()

There are two parts to this story. The first broke at the beginning of the year, when TSA took Americans' legitimate privacy concerns over next-generation scanners and used them as a punchline. In a particularly tone deaf move, they launched a recruitment drive promising that "x-ray vision and federal benefits come standard" for their employees. Charming.

The second part, reported a few days ago, involves TSA's innovative new campaign for getting their obnoxious pitch to the widest possible audience. What they could have done is pull the slogan, perhaps nodding towards the watchdog groups who questioned whether a federal agency should be yucking it up over citizen discomfort. Instead they renewed their recruitment effort, slapping the phrase—no joke—on the back of DC-area pizza boxes. Welcome to the next generation of TSA employees.

We're honestly at our wit's end with this. It's not that people who order pizzas can't be good employees, since everyone orders pizza. But that's the point. TSA's problem isn't that they don't have good employees. It's that they also have a number of unhelpful, disagreeable, and not infrequently nasty workers. Given that that's the central issue, they should be recruiting in a way that's more, rather than less, selective.

Plus that tagline really does drive us insane. "X-ray vision." Very funny.

You can see more pictures of the pizza box here, though honestly you're better off spending the time revisiting our guide to TSA's full-body scanners and your rights. Just in case anyone actually takes them up on their creepy offer.

[Photo: WTOP/Federal News Radio]

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