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Five Defunct Airlines and Their Best Vintage Sales

July 12, 2010 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

We’re always on the lookout for the next airfare sale, but sometimes it's nice to remember the good old, cheaper days. You won’t be able to use any of our latest finds to help you get anywhere, but hopefully it will be a nice stroll down memory lane. Here’s five of our picks for defunct airlines and their vintage sales.

· Trans World Airlines:
The airline better known as TWA was swallowed up by American Airlines in 2001, but before their disappearance they were trying to get butts in the seats to raise some cash. Back in April of 2000 they wanted passengers to beat the winter blues by taking advantage of cheaper fares to the US, Canada, Caribbean, and Europe. For those looking for a classier escape, St. Louis to Paris was $698 roundtrip. New Yorkers could head to Seattle or Los Angeles for just $298, but for $498 we’d rather take a trip to Honolulu. Just remember that all travel must be completed by September 15, 2000.

· Independence Air:
The airline was doing its thing through the end of 2005, but had to shut down for good in January of 2006. Before that, they always offered decent deals to and from their base at Washington-Dulles, especially up and down the east coast. Good deals are great, but we’re interested in the free companion ticket offer that they ran during the summer of 2005. Just book and complete two roundtrip tickets during the summer, and you’ll get a freebie flight for a friend. The free ticket was good between September and November. Of course you needed to join the iClub—their frequent flyer program—but that was pretty much it. We can only dream that we’d be awarded for taking plenty of summer vacations in 2010.

· Skybus:
The airline that was here and gone before we really knew it continues to live on through the Internet. Skybus used to try to give away at least ten seats for just $10 each way on each and every of their destinations. We tried scoring one last flight from Columbus, Ohio to Burbank, California, but we were out of luck of course, since the airline shut down in 2008, only a year after starting. However, maybe we can still take advantage of that 10% discount off airport parking in Columbus and Oakland. It would make us feel a little better, as we’re still a little bitter that we got burned on a $10 ticket.

· Aloha Airlines:
One of the airlines dedicated to the spirit of the islands is long gone, but we still want to take advantage of some of the expired offers. During 2007 travel, you could get roundtrip flights between Orange County and Oakland to pretty munch any of the islands for under $350. If you needed to island hop there were even $19 one-way tickets available between Honolulu and Kona—among several others—earlier in the year. Too bad we can’t get a price match or something on another airline.

· Northwest Airlines:
NWA lives on through its big brother Delta, but it’s still gone for good. We took a look back to the summer of 2001, and the airline was doing well trying to get passengers from Detroit to Los Angeles. Summer fares were running at $119 each way, but of course there were still taxes and fees and a Saturday night stay was required. This might have seemed like a good deal back then, but we think with a little diligence we could find something better almost 10 years later. We’ll skip this vintage sale for now.

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