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Jet Off to Paris in Time to Celebrate Bastille Day

Where: Paris, France
July 1, 2010 at 10:36 AM | by | ()

The Fourth of July may be on Sunday, but we're already looking toward another nation's patriotic holiday, Bastille Day, on July 14. It's a big celebration, like the French equivalent of our Independence Day. If you want to party Parisian style for the big day, head to Paris.

The problem is, a last-minute trip to Paris is going to cost you, since it's in the middle of tourist season. But we found a couple of packages that will get you there in time for Bastille Day festivities.

Kayak has a six-night deal that will bring you to both London and Paris. We saw a package that costs $1,230 for all airfare, hotels and breakfast (available at most hotels). But you have to time this one correctly; depart from JFK on July 8 to go to London for three days, followed by three days in Paris. That'll get you there for Bastille Day.

If you'd rather spend all of your time in the City of Light, Virgin Vacations offers an eight-day trip that'll allow you to spend your whole trip on the Champs-Élysées. We were able to find a package that leaves from JFK on July 12 and includes round-trip airfare and hotel for $1,341.

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