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The Government May Soon Take Away Your Right to In-Flight Peanuts

June 8, 2010 at 8:35 AM | by | ()

The government always has like a thousand things going on, and amidst all the other disasters to deal with this season, they’re still doing their best to get a handle on things up in the air. The Department of Transportation has proposed all kinds of new rules, guidelines, and suggestions to make travel a little more bearable and maybe even slightly fun; however, they might be going a little too far when it comes to invading our constitutional rights to in-flight snacks.

The airlines, by cutting down on meals and snacks, have almost eliminated the chance to enjoy some empty calories in the cabin, and now peanuts might just become officially a thing of the past. Buried among all the government paperwork is an idea that would eliminate the salty snacks from your tray table. There are plenty of people allergic to peanuts, and apparently Uncle Sam doesn’t want any in-flight anaphylaxis episodes.

There’s 60 days for the public to comment on all the new ideas, so if you’re really upset, you can always chime in. You can even take it way too far and call up your friendly member of Congress, because we’re sure they have nothing better to do.

Besides the threat to our nation’s favorite airline snack, there were some ideas that are actually kind of decent. They’re thinking about giving you even more cash—like up to $1,300—if you’re bumped from your flight. Also, there might be a way to cancel or change reservations within 24 hours without a penalty or other fees. We’ll see how it all goes, but for now we’re safe, because this suggestions won’t become rules until fall at the earliest. So just order an extra bag of peanuts while you can, because the clock is ticking.

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Archived Comments:

Its about time

When I fly on a plane where peanuts have been served, I can barely breath, begin sneezing uncontrollably, and practically pass out. There are some airlines that simply don't serve peanuts, but there are also some destinations where I need to travel for work where I don't have a choice of carriers. Those trips are like a type of survival torture. Peanuts are great, but is a small snack that happens to contain a particularly potent allergen really worth it? Thanks to everyone for giving up their "right" to a snack so those of us peanut allergy sufferers can maintain our health.

oh wow

Not only would it be uncomfortable for you, but I'm sure no one wants their seatmate to be sneezing uncontrollably. Okay I'm down with giving up peanuts.

Peanuts or Cashews?

The reason I left Southwest Airlines for JetBlue was because of the Cashews! Well, the seating and not having a Stand-up Comic also helped my decision. I can live without the Peanuts and a dying aisle seat passenger next to me having a react to the shell toxic nut. The higher refund for being Bumped...yeah!

Peanuts on Airlines

The inconvenience of not having a peanut snack could help save a life. My 7-year old daughter has a DEADLY allergy to peanuts. If exposed, an Epi-pen can only keep her alive 15 minutes (presumably while an ambulance is on the way), so it's not an option to fly. As a result of peanuts on plans, we can't take her to Disney or anywhere else not with in driving distance. When she grows up, she will not be able to fly for business (which could affect her career choices) or for pleasure. She will never go overseas. It is a shame all she will miss because airlines don't want to inconvenience passengers by eliminating peanuts!