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Miami Beach Rolls Out 'DecoBike,' a Super Sexy Bike Sharing Program

June 30, 2010 at 2:47 PM | by | ()

You may know the Velib bikes of Paris or the SmartBike system of Washington DC, but you've never seen bike sharing like this. Miami is getting in the green groove by installing new DecoBike stations all around the Art Deco district and Miami Beach, and they are doing it in the sexiest way possible.

Like with other bike sharing systems, you must first join online and then you are free to opt for either a monthly pass for unlimited use or pay-per-hour. And just to get people interested—and away from slowly cruising in convertibles down Collins Avenue—DecoBike is promoting itself using images of hot girls and guys riding their bikes, plus a promotional video that touts the weight loss and health benefits of bike riding. Way to play up to the body-focused culture of South Beach!

Still, they do have a huge point there. Bike sharing isn't just about lessening your carbon footprint or being too cheap to buy a nice bike of your own; it's also about your own physical health and enjoyment. And honestly, we can't think of a better place to show off your fit physique than rolling down Collins...on a bike.

DecoBikes are just starting with membership sign-ups now and the bikes will be available in late July/early August. It's $15 per month for unlimited bike use and pickup/drop-off from and to any of the DecoBike stations (check out the map of locations here). They'll also be launching an iPhone app for DecoBike soon, with location and rental information for easy referencing on the go.

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