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Hybrid Rental Car Prices Will Take You for a Ride

June 28, 2010 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

When we look to score a rental car these days, there’s pretty much only one major factor—price. Sure comfort and coolness are high on the list, but as tempting as that Michael Scott-style Sebring convertible is, we just don’t want to pay the extra $20 per day to enjoy the wind in our hair. The same is true for hybrid cars, because apparently they are fetching quite the premium.

The New York Times has been checking out hybrid rental options in the San Francisco area, and they found that the eco-friendly vehicles could be marked up between 30 and 70 percent. It’s not just one car company either, as Hertz, Alamo, and Enterprise were all guilty of green-gouging potential customers.

Most of the rental car companies that provided a comment were quick to point out that the cars cost more up-front and that they are a little bit more expensive to maintain. We understand that, but are they really worth double-digit dollars extra per day?

To really figure out the true cost savings you need to bust out the calculator and determine the MPG savings against the additional cost. We’re not that into that whole math thing, so we’ll probably just stick with the assigned PT Cruiser and blow all of our savings when we hit the pump.

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