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This Year, Aeroflot VIP Flyers Get a Calendar Full of Nude Flight Attendants

June 28, 2010 at 5:21 PM | by | ()

Of all the NSFW flight attendant posts we've done—and we've done more than a couple recently—this is by far the NSFW-iest of all. Russia's national airline Aeroflot regularly mails out gifts to its VIP loyalty program members, and this year they've settled on one perk designed to literally perk up their male customers.

The company will send out a 2011 calendar that fits nicely into the rest of Russia's sex-soaked culture, where each page has one of the airline's female flight attendants in some state of undress. And by "some state" we mean "totally, completely, unapologetically naked." Between this and last year's Aeroflot news, it seems like Aeroflot's cabin crew is perpetually just a video camera and a bong hit away from a debaucherous drug-fueled orgy. Which is kind of awesome.

Officially the calendar remains unreleased, but some of the pages apparently got leaked on the web. From there they went to Copyranter, and from there to us, and now we're giving them to you.

You're invited to click through for much racier pics, but be forewarned: if you open these at work there is a very high probability that you will get a talking to. Don't let the tastefully cropped example from above fool you. Some of these shots are quite explicit. Full frontal nudity. Nothing left to the imagination. These are not shy women who are in the photos, is what we're saying. NSFW.


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