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A Backpack with Shelves: Perfect for Disorganized Travelers

June 23, 2010 at 3:35 PM | by | ()

We regularly go over backpack packing and one-bag packing tips, but we haven't spent as much time talking about the actual backpack you're supposed to use. That's obviously a huge consideration if you're planning a Costa Rica trip where you're going to be living out of your backpack for 12 months. But it also needs to be on the radar for: students, bloggers, hikers, campers, virtual office denizens, bikers, and any urban dwellers who don't like awkwardly rolling their belongings along the sidewalk.

The main problem, of course, is that an ill-fitting backpack can be pure murder on your back. The weight distribution is always awkward, the bottom of the bag presses against the bottom of your spine, and having it on your shoulders throws off the natural and healthy way you'd normally walk. Enter the Ivar line of backpacks, which are built with internal dividers to distribute the weight inside your backpack.

It sounds a little bit sketchy but, at least according to some of the reviews floating around the Interwebs, customers swear by the products. Plus Ivar has 625 fans on their Facebook page, which is pretty good when you're asking people to fan a group about their backpack.

Ivar sells three different models of decreasing volume: the Revel for $95, the Urban G2 for $90, and the Zug G2 for $85. The weird thing is that the weights don't follow the backpcak sizes - the largest model is also the lightest - and that's because they're designed with different purposes in mind. You can head over to the product page and click through for the various explanations.

As to where you should buy an Ivar backpack online, both Ivar's website and Amazon work. A couple months ago someone posted a 30% Ivar discount code at Retailmenot, so if you can get that to work you should use their website. Otherwise we'd probably go with Amazon, since the prices don't seem to be that different and you can score free shipping via Amazon Prime.

[Photo: Ivar Facebook]

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